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Centralised administration of company information, such as contact details, access rights and attendance/absence records is straightforward, as long as your business is made up of two people and a dog. The bigger the company, the more important centralised administration is for employees and the tools they use. The LDAP connection enables us to unlock Zammad’s potential for large businesses – and provide high-powered support!

– Thorsten Eckel, Zammad Developer

LDAP smart set-up

An LDAP connection is great once it’s up and running, but configuration is often hard work. Zammad LDAP smart set-up makes the job a walk in the park.

What you get out of an LDAP connection:

How it works

Enter the IP address or DNS name of the LDAP server and your username and password. Zammad connects to the server and collects the required details virtually independently, removing the need for error-prone, manual fiddling with config files.

Which LDAP servers do we support?

We support all LDAP servers that support LDAP protocol V3. Of course we support Microsoft Active Directory, the most common LDAP server.

Still don’t have an LDAP server?

At Zammad, we love free software. Here are a few open source tips if you’re thinking of setting up an LDAP server yourself:

Part of most current Linux distributions, it also runs on various Unix variants and Windows versions, and on mac OS.
Apache DS
The best-known LDAP server, which also comes with most Linux distributions. Good documentation and worldwide commercial support. This is a command line tool. phpLDAPAdmin allows you to use the server through a browser.
OpenDJ is a fork of the OpenDS project, and shares its roots with Oracle Unified Directory from Sun Microsystems. OpenDJ has good documentation and is constantly updated. Besides a client application, it includes OpenAM with single sign-on, authorisation and other useful features.
389 Directory Server
Also known as the Red Hat Directory Server, it is part of Red Hat’s Enterprise distribution and is generally licensed with GPL. 389 Server uses a graphical interface for server administration. FreeIPA, which is based on 389, offers greater functionality for certification authority and integration with Active Directory.



The greeting LLAP (live long and prosper) has nothing to do with the new feature in Zammad’s enterprise release. But our approach definitely feels like a step into the future.

Switch to the Zammad Enterprise Release now!

You can download the Zammad Enterprise Release for free on and install it on your own server. Or you can rent Zammad ready to use – more on By the way: if you switch from Zendesk or OTRS use our integrated Zammad migration assistant.

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