Security Advisory


· Please read carefully and check if the version of your Zammad system is affected by this vulnerability. Please send us information regarding vulnerabilities in Zammad!

Security Advisory Details

  • ID: ZAA-2022-09
  • Date: 09/13/2022
  • Title: Information Disclosure
  • Severity: high
  • Product: Zammad 5.2.x
  • Fixed in: Zammad 5.2.2
  • References:
    --> CVE-2022-40816

Vulnerability Descriptions

Information Disclosure

Zammad's asset handling mechanism has logic to ensure that customer users are not able to see personal information of other users. This logic was not effective when used through a web socket connection, so that a logged-in attacker would be able to fetch personal data of other users by querying the Zammad API.

This vulnerability is fixed in the latest versions of Zammad and it is recommended to upgrade to one of these.

Fixed releases can be found at:

Or just update your Zammad if installed via OS package manager.

Additional information

Online version of this advisory:

Please send remarks on security issues exclusively to

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