Job Overview

Senior Frontend Developer


Zammad is an open-source helpdesk platform with big ambitions to be the best of its kind. With technical founder Martin Edenhofer at the helm, Zammad empowers teams around the world to provide the kind of next-level customer service that keeps people coming back.

The proof is in the pudding: with over 3,900 GitHub stars, 100,000 active installations and a community with steady, sustainable growth since its inception in 2016, Zammad has built a reputation of rock-solid reliability that our users depend on to ensure success at the frontlines of their business. You can’t buy that kind of trust.

Interested? Read on, and reach out if you’d like to have a hand in shaping the future of Zammad.

Open position for a Senior Frontend Developer:

Zammad is on the lookout for a Senior Frontend Developer to join our agile team. We're scaling up our helpdesk platform, renowned for its robust reliability and superior customer service capabilities. If you're passionate about crafting software that makes a difference and well-versed in agile practices, we're excited to hear from you.

As a Senior Frontend Developer, you will:

  • Enhance the user interface and experience of Zammad using Vue.js, crafting responsive, intuitive, and accessible web applications.
  • Work closely with UX/UI designers to translate visual concepts into functional online experiences.
  • Utilize modern frontend technologies and frameworks to ensure high performance, compatibility, and engaging user experiences across various devices and browsers.
  • Work in tandem with backend developers to integrate frontend components with server-side logic, ensuring seamless data flow and functionality.
  • Participate in code reviews and adhere to best coding practices to maintain high-quality standards and facilitate knowledge sharing within the team.
  • Actively troubleshoot and debug frontend issues, enhancing the overall stability and performance of the application.
  • Keep abreast of emerging frontend technologies and design trends to continuously improve the user experience and interface design of Zammad.

In short, your work will give life to the experience of using our platform.


Our must-haves:

  • Experience building user interfaces for the web.
  • A solid understanding of web architecture and browser technologies, including CSS, semantic HTML, and core JavaScript concepts (e.g., asynchronous code execution).
  • Experience with REST APIs and modern front-end frameworks (Vue, Svelte, React, Angular ...).
  • Strong written communication and argumentation skills, especially when advocating for your approach to solving a problem (e.g., algorithm design and performance considerations).
  • High standards of quality for your own work.
  • Experience writing code that scales well (both in terms of performance and design).
  • Initiative and follow-through on assignments (i.e., “Don’t wait to be asked”).
  • Strong familiarity with agile principles and a track record of working effectively with a Product Owner and SCRUM team.
  • A growth mindset, actively seeking new learning opportunities and sharing and receiving constructive feedback on an ongoing basis (i.e., “Stay hungry”).

Our wishlist:

  • Experience with TypeScript.
  • Experience with TailwindCSS.
  • Experience with GraphQL APIs.
  • A history of contribution to open source software.
  • Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails.

Show us what you’ve got

In addition to a résumé/CV and cover letter, be sure to include the following:

  • Your scars and stories from past battles on the front-end, both lost and won
  • The strongest projects in your portfolio
  • The social and communication skills that will make you an effective addition to our remote-first team

What’s in it for you?

Naturally, with the position comes the opportunity to 1) leave your mark on Zammad during a phase of intensive development and growth and 2) help shape our future together.

On top of that:

  • As an agile, open-source company, our team is built around a flat hierarchy that gives you the latitude to pursue your own ideas.
  • You will be part of a close-knit, international team with an uncanny sense of unity.
  • Last but not least, you will enjoy the unbeatable freedom of remote work and flexible hours under management that does everything it can to support you in achieving your best work.

Our Stack

Ruby on Rails
Tailwind CSS
IT Automation
Team Communication

Ping us

Contact our team and we'll get back you. You can send us your documents if our mutual gut feeling is right.


  • File format PDF
  • Maximum file size per attachment 8mb