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Today, we’re pleased to announce a brand new release of Zammad!

Zammad 2.5.1 includes a lot of minor bugfixes, while the new Zammad 2.6.0 comes with the following major improvements:

Feature #1: Phone (CTI) integration for everyone

If you’ve never used Zammad’s integration before, you don’t know what you’re missing: Skip the opening questions when customers call, greet them by name, and get their tickets up on the screen with a single click. Or, identify missed calls at a glance, and return calls right from within Zammad. It’s an incredible time-saver, and up until now, it’s only been available to customers.

Zammad 2.6 opens this functionality up to anyone with access to a CTI (computer telephony integration) system.

Manufacturers of telephone systems or developers can use this interface to connect their telephone system to Zammad.

What do I need to get started?

Zammad requires the following information to support the agent:

To use the new CTI interface, your CTI system must transmit this information (and only this information) to Zammad via HTTP.

What can it do for me?

Inbound calls

Outbound calls

* requires PBX/telephone system support


The documentation can be found on

Feature #2: Macros can do (a tiny bit) more

Macros make it easy to automate common, multi-step tasks within Zammad. Up until now, though, executing a macro and closing a tab require two separate clicks, when you almost always want both.

As of Zammad 2.6, macros can be configured to close the current tab when finished, so you can move straight onto the next ticket without another thought. It’s a small change, but it makes a big difference in many users’ daily workflow.

This setting is optional, of course, so there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t want your macros to work like this.


Feature #3: Better full-text search in the REST API

Zammad offers a flexible, powerful full-text search feature that scans through pretty much everything (tickets, users, organizations, even email attachments) in a flash. It’s available in the web interface, of course, but it really shines in the REST API.

In the past, search results from the REST API were returned with a fixed sorting order. Now with Zammad 2.6, you can specify which attribute to sort by (sort_by) and whether to display results in forward or reverse order (order_by) in the full text search.

Further information in the API documentation:, and

Feature #4: Postmaster filters can do more, too

Postmaster filters are an effective tool to, e.g., forward incoming emails based on certain predefined conditions. Now, they can be used to add or delete tags on a ticket as well.

This new functionality comes with a lot of potential for using tags in combination with other features (e.g., triggers or overviews).


All improvements can be found in the changelog.

Download Zammad 2.6.0

Changelog (2018-08-10)

Source code


Download Zammad 2.5.1

Changelog (2018-08-10)

Source code



Information about upgrading a Zammad installation can be found here:

Your Zammad team!