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Parallel ticket processing

Every agent knows it: You are busy writing a reply and the phone rings - boom! A new ticket is created. After that you start all over again with the previous ticket. Zammad tabs bring additional value - for page display after page refresh and with the auto-save function. Your effort doesn’t go for waste anymore. Even when you have more than 36 tabs open. Zammad is real multi tasker.
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Working with overview

Agents require an overview of relevant tasks to be completed. Zammad makes it possible to create personalized overviews for agents or roles.
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individual attributes for everybody

Manage individual attributes

The customization of attributes can be done at the ticket, customer or organizational level. This is another feature that distinguishes Zammad from other vendors.
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let's chat

Chat integration

Chat is by now one of the most popular and most efficient way of communicating with customers.
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Feedback please

Form integration

Easy integration of contact or feedback forms that directly create a ticket from the message. No request will ever be lost.
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