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“Hello, hello, anybody home McFly?” Marty would have loved an absence management system on his trip back to the future. When you can’t make it to a private appointment, you can normally deal with it pretty casually, but if there are tickets involved, it’s a completely different story.

– Martin Edenhofer, Zammad Founder

The new absence management assistant

The new assistant in the Zammad enterprise release does exactly what you would expect: agents define the start and end of a period of absence and nominate a substitute for that time.

Certain events like queries or escalations trigger notifications that are forwarded to the designated substitute. Absences use serial data – for example, notifications are sent to a substitute’s substitute if several people are absent.

How it works

Open your Zammad settings and go to the absence management assistant. It gives you an overview of current absences and nominated substitutes, and the option of managing your own absences.

Take a few days off now and then

Dutch organisational and industrial psychologist Jessica de Bloom has found that a three-day weekend trip is a very effective way to relieve pent-up stress. And if you have some cash to spare, you could even stretch to a weekend break on the Maldives, as Florian Siebeck reports in the FAZ newspaper (German only). (Of course, it’s not the best way to cut your carbon footprint, but that’s not the point.) A train ride to the nearest town or to the countryside is a good way to “defragment” any agent’s frayed nerves, too.

A quick book tip by the by: The New York Times has put together a great guide to 125 weekend breaks all over Europe. For your correspondent, even just flicking through the pages is relaxing – EUR 30 well spent! Find out more at

A walk in the woods

A day in the forest is a great alternative if you don’t have so much time and money on your hands. It might sound like “barking up the wrong tree”, but it’s actually very good for you. In fact, “forest bathing” has been an officially approved form of therapy for the sick and stressed in Japan since 1982. Known as shinrin-yoku, a number of studies have clinically proven its positive impact on health. Don’t worry, it’s not about hiking through the forests for hours on end – just being near trees is all it takes. So if you live in a city, a trip to a park will do the trick as well. Trees produce phytoncides that forest bathers breathe in. These bioactive substances boost the body’s production of natural killer cells. Put simply, they strengthen your immune system. What’s more, they reduce blood pressure and stress hormone levels, as well as improving your general sense of well-being.

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