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Contacts are a valuable asset for your business. While LDAP keeps your in-house team and authorisations in sync, Exchange works with your address book to keep business contacts in order outside the Cantina. And the next time you book a passage to the Alderan system, make sure your agent shoots first.

– Johannes Nickel, Zammad UX Consultant

Exchange integration in Zammad

Your organisation’s agents have access to activated Exchange address books once they have been configured. So tickets include contact details that would normally have to be entered manually. Your team can also manage the new absence management assistant remotely via Exchange.

How it works

Enter your Exchange server address and login details. Then select the information you would like to synchronise. After that, a trial run with a few samples enables you to see whether the interface does what it’s supposed to – and to make sure your team can’t see your most confidential contacts. And who is Jeannie anyway?

City Exchange: shared contacts

The mishap (german only) suffered by a Japanese tourist in Germany shows why you should always have your address book to hand. The 53-year-old actually wanted to visit a friend in Frankfurt am Main. But somehow she ended up 500km away in Frankfurt an der Oder where she was eventually picked up after wandering on a main road and taken to the Japanese embassy. If only she had gone forest bathing...

What Exchange versions do we support?

We support all Exchange versions that provide Exchange Web Services (including Exchange 2010 or later).

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You can download the Zammad Enterprise Release for free on and install it on your own server. Or you can rent Zammad ready to use – more on By the way: if you switch from Zendesk or OTRS use our integrated Zammad migration assistant.

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