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Sustainability To Your Ears: 10 Sustainability Podcasts We Like To Listen To

With these ten sustainability podcasts for conscious and green business and management, your ideas and workflows will get input worth listening to, maturing them into impactful projects and business models. Get inspired on your way to work or while exercising and build your business of tomorrow today.

What this post is about

  • Get input for sustainable goals
  • Implement suggestions for a resource-conserving society
  • Integrate digitization more consciously
  • Sharpening the vision for social justice
  • Get to know life-oriented and realistic concepts

Leading companies into the future without squiggly detours, requires many changes and processes, the integration of which often seems complex at the outset. We've been on the lookout for the best sustainability podcasts that provide valuable tips from experienced doers who have already successfully met this challenge. Our top 10:

Don't Waste, Be Happy

For a good introduction to sustainability, check out the podcast by psychologist, coach, and founder Marijana Braune. Her regular episodes provide a basic understanding and focus on individual focal points such as mindfulness, minimalism, or waste reduction.

Here you can find over 250 episodes of Don't Waste, Be Happy.


In each episode, the podcast "TIME for Climate" introduces people and companies whose actions are making great contributions to a resource-conserving society. Basically, the discussion rounds are dedicated to the overall topic of climate, but always highlight a different topic in their individual focuses.

Click here for all episodes of "ZEIT für Klima".

Handelsblatt Green & Energy

The sustainability podcast from Handelsblatt combines facts, controversies, and trends into an entertaining mix to look at topics such as climate change, energy transition, and sustainability from a variety of perspectives. Daily developments, on which a new studio guest is always on the call, are discussed by the daily newspaper's specialist editors every 14 days.

All episodes of "Handelsblatt Green & Energy" are available here.

Future Sustainability (Zukunft der Nachhaltigkeit)

Since 2022, hosts Dr. Ole and Birgit Wintermann of the Bertelsmann Stiftung have been discussing aspects of sustainable living and the modern working world. Together with experts and entrepreneurs, they feel their way to solutions, ways of thinking or challenges that could emerge through transformation and shape a new future. From startups to established companies, all listeners will find inspiration for green business practices.

All episodes of "Future of Sustainability" are available for listening.

Utopia Podcast

Real-life, concrete and implementable: the Sustainability Podcast of the Utopia editorial team wants to make sustainability tangible and show ecological possibilities for quick implementations. Away from abstract paraphrasing, towards joint realization: changing guests from politics, entertainment, and business enrich the more than 150 episodes and provide additional food for thought for their own plans.

Listen to current and past episodes of the "Utopia Podcast" now.


The step towards a sustainable society goes beyond environmental protection. That's why "ZWEIvorZWÖLF" also deals with various hot spots of social justice. Activists and entrepreneurs alike have their say and talk about plastic-free living, species protection, or sustainable construction.

All information on the sustainability podcast "ZWEIvorZWÖLF" is available here.

Planetary Business

Experts from sustainability and environmental protection meet Climate Reality Leader Stefanie Hauer to discuss opportunities for environmentally friendly business management. Key topics such as green washing and biodiversity are discussed with major brands and key business players who take a realistic and creative approach to finding solutions.

The full episode synopsis of "Planetary Business" is available here.

On The Way to New Work

Two Hamburg entrepreneurs discuss the challenges and tools of the New Work generation. What makes sense? What are must-dos and nice-to-haves? Which methods have proven themselves so far? The numerous episodes are particularly suitable for managers and team leaders who want to open up to modern working models. Social commitment and social entrepreneurship are also given space.

Everything you need to know about the podcast "On The Way to New Work" is available here.


VolksBank eG's sustainability podcast "Klartext" gives listeners insights into various industries and business models that are fully committed to sustainability. From eco-conscious management to central digitization, there are tangible tips for realization. This way, individual plans can be consolidated more quickly in your own company.

All episodes for listening and subscribing to "KlarText" are available on the official homepage.

New Work Stories

Best practices, insights and real-life examples from the business world are part of the New Work podcast content worth listening to. The two hosts Lisa Nölting and Alexander Kornelsen bring the topic of New Work closer in an entertaining way, peppered with figures, data, facts and useful learnings. CEOs, start-up founders and recruiters also provide interesting insights into their experiences and expertise.

All episodes of the sustainability podcast "New Work Stories" are ready to stream.

  1. Don't Waste, Be Happy
  2. ZEIT für KLIMA
  3. Handelsblatt Green & Energy
  4. Future Sustainability (Zukunft der Nachhaltigkeit)
  5. Utopia Podcast
  7. Planetary Business
  8. On The Way to New Work
  9. KlarText
  10. New Work Stories
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