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„I like about Zammad that it’s more than just software – it’s an inspiring environment with lots of creative exchange. The code is just one of many fascinating aspects.“

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Just 5 Steps: Get the Perfect Helpdesk for Your Company

In this article, we show you what you should consider before setting up a helpdesk and how you can optimize your support to meet the exact needs of your organization. Get started with the 5 steps to the perfect helpdesk!
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Helpdesk Explained: How to Save Time With a Helpdesk System

An issue tracking system is a software application that collects all your internal or external support requests. Learn how a helpdesk can increase your efficiency and user satisfaction.
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How to Provide Next-Level Support With Zammad: Features That Make You Even More Productive

With our issue tracking system, we focus on maximum user-friendliness for agents to make their work a little more efficient every day. This is ensured by several powerful features, which we can’t wait to introduce to you here.

Working With a Shared Email Box: Structuring Communication and Responsibilities

The larger teams and organizations become, the greater the demand for clearly structured communication processes - both internally and externally. Here you can learn about the advantages of working with shared access to communication channels such as email and how you can implement them yourself.
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Open Source: 5 Documentaries and Talks That Will Make You Want to Change the World

Open-source options are increasingly positioning themselves as alternatives to the market-leading closed software. It's obvious: the focus is on transparency and sustainability. If you're not convinced or curious to learn more, we've got something for you: we have compiled five articles after which your heart will also beat for the Open Source idea!
Open Source
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Goodbye Procrastination: Self-Management While You're Working From Home

It's almost impossible to work from home and not face distractions and procrastination. But there are methods and tips to help you concentrate better and work more productively. We'll show you how to beat procrastination bit by bit - and how to get through the day in a more structured way.
New Work

How to Organize a Remote Workshop: From Planning to Feedback

Organizing seminars while working from home has been the new normal for a few months now. But how can the perfect workshop be planned and brought to the screens of interested participants? We've collected the most important steps for you and show you how your webinar is guaranteed to succeed. Time to get started!
New Work

These Are the 7 Qualities of Sustainable Organizations

The future is now! Digitization and modern progress are ensuring that dusty corporate structures are becoming an increasingly unpopular model. Those who don't keep up will remain at a standstill in the long term and will be overtaken by adaptable companies. With courage, perseverance, and the "Loop Approach" principle, you can cleverly avoid this trap.

Customer Retention Made Easy: 7 Strategies to Increase User Loyalty

From acquisition to retention: The topic of customer loyalty is an important component in the areas of Marketing, Account Management, and Support. Placing advertisements has long since ceased to be enough to maintain a valuable customer pool. Instead, businesses convince by offering a genuine added value, which will increase customer loyalty.

Crisis Communication: 5 Tips for Navigating a PR Disaster

It catches you by surprise, arrives with full force, and causes quite a frenzy: If a so-called "shitstorm" arrives, press officers and company spokespersons need to be prepared. Good crisis communication can help prevent further damage, so having a plan at hand is recommended for when disaster strikes.

Build Your Perfect Support Team - in Just 6 Steps!

As your business grows, customer requests and demands increase. To meet the growing expectations, you need a strong Support team that is fully dedicated to your customers' wishes and problems. We tell you what to look for when setting up your dream team and which skills are urgently needed.
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Open Startups: Why Modern Companies Believe in Full Transparency

A growing community of entrepreneurs swears by the maximum openness of organizations, business processes, current challenges, and success metrics. We had a look at why it can be worth sharing all these "company secrets" with the world. And who knows, maybe for it's something for you, too?
Open Source
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Knowledge That Lasts: How Know-How Transfer Works In The Digital Workplace

In recent months the advantages of the home office have been proven in many companies - more or less voluntarily. Nevertheless, there are still doubts that the knowledge level between individual team members is no longer synchronized as a result of the free space created. Our five tips show how it still works!
New Work
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Simply Explained: How To Use The Zammad Sidebar (and how it helps you)

As a support agent, you have your hands full helping your customers. It's about time someone gives you a hand! With Zammad, you work through all requests in an organized and strategic way. Here we'll introduce you to the tool and its navigation elements, and explain how they can help you in your daily work.
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Five Time Management Methods You Should Know About

Prioritizing tasks and working through them works wonderfully in theory. The reality, however, looks much different. Distractions lurk everywhere, squeezing between the will to work productively and the actual goal. That's why we're presenting five proven time management methods that are guaranteed to keep you on track!
New Work
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5 Tips That Put Small Teams Ahead In Customer Support

A high level of customer service is permanently expected by customers. Companies with small teams must meet the same standards as those expected of well-known corporations. With these factors, you focus on quality instead of quantity and fulfill your customers' wishes despite a small number of staff.
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5 Support Skills That Make A Good Agent A Very Good One

Customer communication is a fine line between helpfulness and nerves of steel. Agents who want to persist in their interactions with customers need to switch constantly between conversations and never lose the thread. We have identified the five most important, timeless support skills that you can already ask your new employees during the interview – including relevant questions.
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6 Good Reasons Why Your Company Should Become Sustainable In 2022

In this guide, you will learn the great benefits of making your organization sustainable and carbon neutral by the end of 2022. By focusing on the conservation and regeneration of natural systems and your limited resources, you will unlock the potential for creativity, innovation, reputation, and even growth.
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How A Helpdesk Helps In IT, Retail, Law, Healthcare And Arts

A ticket system is your shortcut to better productivity in your day-to-day customer operations. Read on for five inspiring examples of real-world use by our customers - from switching to Zammad, to the immediate benefits from help desk deployment, to extending it to the entire organization.
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5 Tips For Remote Hiring New Colleagues And Hybrid Work

The market economy is peaking right now! The labour market is booming and there is a desperate search for new skilled employees in all sectors. But on-site presence is by now not a common hiring criterion anymore. In addition to permanent positions, remote colleagues, who are supposed to be an integral part of the team despite the distance, are part of modern corporate structures.
New Work
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The Tasks Of A Sustainability Manager (And When You Should Hire One)

Sustainable working requires new structures and a conscious rethinking in companies. From paperless offices to reduced energy consumption, the assignment of a Sustainability Manager ensures sustainable goals in the long run. Read all about the new job profile here.

How To Organize The Knowledge In Your Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is the first step for your team in search of answers. The wiki-style knowledge base helps ensure transfer between colleagues, newcomers, or customers (and guarantees a productive workflow). We'll show you what's important when it comes to maintaining and structuring your knowledge base.

New Work: 10 Terms You Should Know

New Work has become an established term in the modern working world. It means turning away from dusty routines and opening up to flexible working models. But despite all the euphoria about the change in the world of work, the new terms often still cause frowns among colleagues. Let's clear things up!

Do You Have A Sustainability Strategy? Here Is Ours!

To kick off the new year, we want to present how we contribute to sustainable business and maybe also inspire more companies to do so.

Guide For Data Economy: Four Steps Against Data Waste

Anyone who wants to make progress with their digital business relies on collecting and analyzing user data. However, the focus should always be on the quality of the data basis - and less on the quantity. With our four-step guide, you can sharpen your understanding of relevant information and effectively implement data economy.

Properly Equipped: Everything For An Ergonomic Workplace

Sitting for long periods, the wrong posture in front of the computer or a lack of movement: Many employees suffer from physical complaints based on an incorrect sitting position or poor equipment. To bring up long-term improvements, these five things should definitely not be missing in an ergonomic workplace.
New Work

How To Make Your Business CO₂-Neutral

Sustainability plays an important role in everyday work across all industries. Whether it's customer-focused services or global production, your business should always present itself as ecologically and environmentally aware. With a CO₂-neutral organization, you set the course for a greener economy that takes climate change into account.

Is AI The Future In Support? Opportunities And Challenges Of ChatGPT & Co.

With the hype and strong media presence of the ChatGPT software, new opportunities for the use of AI in support and customer service have opened up seemingly overnight. Whether it's fast and automated help or improved customer experiences: Smart searches and chatbots are no longer dreams of the future. We give you an overview of the development.

Anti-Burnout: 6 Insights For Maintaining Job Satisfaction

The perfect working environment is positive and encourages success. It's a desire that doesn't always become reality. Instead, noisy open-plan offices, performance pressure, and negative vibes quickly cause burnout symptoms. These 6 tips work against this and help to gain more motivation for daily work.
New Work

Sustainability To Your Ears: 10 Sustainability Podcasts We Like To Listen To

With these ten sustainability podcasts for conscious and green business and management, your ideas and workflows will get input worth listening to, maturing them into impactful projects and business models. Get inspired on your way to work or while exercising and build your business of tomorrow today.

Five SEO Tips For Your Knowledge Base

Show what your knowledge base has to offer! In order to make the valuable content of your knowledge base accessible to every user through easy access via a search engine, it is essential to optimize it. Our five SEO tips help improve, structure, and create added value so that your knowledge pool shows up at the top of the rankings.

Helpdesk Security: How to protect access and data

Data theft and hacking are increasingly part of our digital everyday life. In order to secure information and protect our nerves, precautions and security measures must be taken when working with tools such as the helpdesk. We explain the essential basics and additional steps to ensure the security of your data within the company.

Hybrid Work: How To Inspire Everyone With a Mix Of On-Site And Remote Work

The world of work has undergone significant changes over the past three years. Flexible working and mobile office workplaces are part of the new work culture. This also includes hybrid work, a mix of home office and presence time in the office. If you want to avoid either/or models, this option offers the best alternative for productive employees. These six tips will help you introduce and implement them successfully.
New Work

Green Washing vs. Green Marketing: How To Do Green Communication Right

Being environmentally conscious has become a big matter for companies. However, there is often more marketing behind customer promises ranging from sustainable products to green office routines than verifiable facts. These tips will help you get green marketing right and avoid greenwashing.

Six poor phrases in customer support - and how to do it better

Criticism, rejection, anger: customer support employees have to endure negative feedback every day. It is not always easy to find the right and empathetic words. However, professionals should avoid unnecessary phrases and empty clichés. We show you how to keep customers calm on the phone or in a chat, and how to listen actively and respond emphatically.

Your IT blueprint: Six contemporary tools that inspire

Working digitally has become the basis in companies. The theory sounds self-evident, but practice proves to be a challenge. What tools must employers provide to their employees to enable flexible project implementation? And what do talents value? We provide you with an overview of essential software for a modern workday.
New Work

Social Engineering: Prevention Strategies in Support

Social Engineering refers to the process of obtaining confidential information through deception. Unfortunately, no firewall can protect you from such manipulation attempts by people! However, there are common patterns that attackers often rely on. Protect your organization by recognizing and preventing these early on.
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SLA - Efficient utilization of Service Level Agreements

Those who make clear agreements reach their goals faster. With SLAs - Service Level Agreements - you define objectives, milestones, or outcomes within specific time slots that ensure effective work. Although SLAs are primarily established with external service providers, internal implementation also offers many advantages.
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Effective Moderation: Five Helpful Tips for Vibrant Community Forums

In community forums, knowledge is exchanged, discussions are held, and questions are asked. These forums provide members with the opportunity to share their experiences and support each other in various topics. However, to ensure that the exchange in the forums does not diminish, appropriate moderation is essential. With our five helpful tips, you can achieve this.
Open Source
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Digitization Made Easy: How a Helpdesk Enables Smart Work in the Public Sector

On the way to a digital society, municipalities, city councils and other players from the local government sector play a central role. They are in charge of shaping the quality of life, work, and location of different areas, as well as the user-oriented citizen services throughout the country. The focus is on a common understanding of digitization, a defined distribution of roles, and clear areas of responsibility.

5 Top Open-Source Projects Everyone Should Know

Open-source software has long become an essential part of an efficient working environment. However, only a few people are aware that many of their favorite tools are also classic open-source projects. We introduce you to five applications and helpers from the community that you absolutely should know.
Open Source

The right fit for your project: Open-source licenses at a glance

The agony of choice! The multitude of existing open-source licenses poses challenges for developers, requiring decisions with long-term effects. In our guide, we provide an overview of the most commonly used licenses and explain the foundational principles and advantages that your software can benefit from when using them.
Open Source

The best onboarding process for your new customer support agents

Get off to a flying start in support! A 30-60-90-day plan can help make the start in the company as pleasant as possible for new colleagues and team members. With such a plan, managers set realistic expectations and clear goals to ensure that new employees can get started right from the beginning.
New Work
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The Key Trends and Statistics in Customer Service

The year 2023 is in the books. It's time to reflect on the past months and shed light on trends and topics that held particular relevance in customer service. Forbes, the business magazine, has reached out and surveyed customers about their wishes and expectations regarding service offerings. The result highlights which points should be definitely considered in the new year and beyond.
Customer Service
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Customer self-service: How to help customers help themselves

When challenges obstruct progress, tips and tricks from support can help. However, solving questions and problems independently often promises a greater sense of achievement, and users usually find it to be a faster way to reach their goals. It is important to know which types of support are most useful to customers and offer added value.
Customer Service

Integrating Omnichannel Strategy for an Unparalleled Customer Experience

Digital customer service means complementing service channels without replacing traditional ones. A well-thought-out omnichannel strategy enhances the customer experience and promotes seamless support as well as strong customer loyalty. Learn how to effectively integrate support channels to foster consistent and connected communication.
Customer Service

About the Risk of Burnout in Customer Support: 5 Tips for Prevention

Every employee wishes for a healthy work environment. However, sometimes excessive stress, a high workload, and self-sacrificing commitment can lead to sudden burnout. We provide you with practical tips and actionable tools on how to actively prevent this development in your support team.
New Work

Using WhatsApp successfully in Customer Service: 7 practical Tips

More and more companies are expanding their communication channels to include WhatsApp to send updates about products and offer customer support. However, the expectations and etiquette in customer service via the messenger differ from traditional channels such as email and phone hotlines. We provide you seven practical tips on how you can successfully integrate WhatsApp into your customer communication.
Customer Service
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