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Top 5 Zammad Features That Excite Customers in Customer Service

Zammad's feature catalog offers a wide range of functionalities, the use of which varies depending on the industry and use case. However, some features are particularly popular with our customers. Based on the numerous customer stories, we've compiled the top 5.

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With numerous features, Zammad provides clear solutions to the challenges in customer service. Planning, communication, and management require structure and helpful tools that lead to more efficient and time-saving processes. This demonstrates cross-industry usage in companies of all sizes as well as internal and external utilization, proving how beneficial the integration of robust helpdesk solutions can be. Therefore, only one jury was suitable for compiling the top 5 most popular Zammad features: our customers!

1. Text Modules

The use of text and response modules maximizes time savings on recurring topics. Instead of drafting the same information repeatedly in new emails, Zammad's text module catalog can be utilized. The predefined content can, of course, be expanded with company-specific modules.

Additionally, it is possible to assign texts to different groups. This allows sentence fragments or entire text blocks related to specific topics to be selected more quickly. Our customers, including Amnesty International, Schenker, and myposter, appreciate the faster handling of customer inquiries by incorporating ready-made templates.

2. Knowledge Base

It's not important to know everything, but it is important to know where to find the right answers. A Knowledge Base makes it easier to find relevant information both internally and externally. With this helpful reference tool, companies create a centralized repository where all knowledge is readily available. The Knowledge Base is also extremely helpful for onboarding new employees.

This digital reference tool is more than a simple FAQ section. It allows for the integration of cross-media capabilities, ranging from images and videos to file attachments. This diverse variety makes tutorials, step-by-step guides, or blog texts more engaging. Our customers, including ioki, SER Solutions, and the Gewerbeschule Lörrach, have been impressed by this effect.

The powerful full-text search in Zammad promises to find the right results and answers within seconds. For example, searching through 40 GB of data takes less than three seconds. Tickets, attachments or chat logs: all content and data records are scanned for the desired keyword.

Whether you need all results for a keyword or specific documents to be displayed for complex phrases, the search query design is flexible, ensuring that no file is hidden from you in the clearly arranged results listing. Our customers Cube, Karls, and Adina Hotels have undoubtedly found the full-text search to be invaluable.

4. Individual Lists & Overviews and Mentions

Individual lists and overviews allow for the creation of structures for specific use cases. By assigning access rights and roles, control always remains in the right hands. This feature is helpful for extensive projects requiring a step-by-step to-do list with assigned tasks, ensuring a clear overview. Customers like swissQprint, De'Longhi, and Open Circle trust this feature.

Task distribution can also be managed via tickets. Mentions make assignments easier and enable the notification of selected colleagues who are temporarily needed to resolve the ticket but do not hold an editor role. They have an observer function and can keep an eye on the ticket's status through the mention. Our customers Junges Theater Bonn, Nextcloud, and DocCheck have integrated this feature into their workflows.

5. Custom Fields

To get an accurate picture of customers, products, or reviews, specific categorization is essential. Our feature simplifies adding and customizing attributes through individual fields, which can be applied at the ticket, customer, or organization level. The stored fields are supported by dropdown menus or practical multi-selection options.

While other providers sell this as an extra feature, custom fields are a basic function in Zammad. We believe that targeted analysis or the consolidation of data sets under internal company categories should not require an additional tool but should be part of the foundation for effective work. Customers like colpari and Vodia share this view.


Zammad is committed to offering an extensive range of features to meet the various tasks and demands of businesses. The top 5 features favored by our customers are just the beginning of a long list of additional tools. A glance at the growing comprehensive offerings, which range from bundling tickets to integrating WhatsApp Business, provides compelling reasons for future integrations.

  1. 1. Text Modules
  2. 2. Knowledge Base
  3. 3. Full-Text Search
  4. 4. Individual Lists & Overviews and Mentions
  5. 5. Custom Fields
  6. Summary
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