Zammad is intuitive, clean, and provides great structure. This allows us to focus on what is most important: the customer.

Laura Gamez Morales, Head of Customer Service, myposter

The Challenge

myposter is a successful e-commerce company. "Everything happens online with us," Laura Gamez Morales tells us. "Which has many advantages, but also downsides. For example, we never get to see our customers in person - we don't have a store to go to. So it's not easy to establish a good connection, and it’s even more important to have a good ticketing system!“

myposter is active in numerous countries. This also affects customer support. "We support our customers in six languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian. We get tons of tickets!"

To be precise, the team reaches an average of 400 tickets a day. A few go on to Accounting, Logistics, or Production, but the majority remain with Gamez Morales and her 15 support agents.

"We process every ticket within 24 hours," she tells us. "But you have to categorize them all first. That's why we need to have a helpdesk software that structures all the tickets.

Zammad is perfect for that!"

  1. The Challenge
  2. Switching to Zammad
  3. The Greatest Value
  4. What Does the Future Look Like?
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Switching to Zammad

Previously, myposter had relied on a self-written program, but it didn’t meet all requirements. "It was confusing and inflexible. Often there was double processing and there were no evaluation options," recalls Gamez Morales. "In short, it just wasn't appropriate for the size of our company anymore.“

"The switch to Zammad was completely relaxed - we switched off the old system immediately, so there was no grace period. But because Zammad is so intuitive and user-friendly, everyone was able to get used to it very quickly. At first, many were unsure whether Zammad would bring us any added value at all. But now everyone says it was the best decision. Some colleagues just need a little nudge to find what’s best," says Gamez Morales with a wink.

"The best experience for everyone is the first ticket they close with Zammad - when it flashes green.“

In the meantime, work has become much easier for the team. "You can move tickets back and forth, merge them, and categorize them by language much quicker. Zammad often recognizes automatically how a ticket has to be categorized".

And not only that: at myposter, Zammad has even increased motivation. "At the end of the day, the team often looks at the open tickets and decides that we'll go home with an empty inbox today. Then everyone rolls up their sleeves – after all, it's done quickly with Zammad!“

The Greatest Value

"For us, Christmas season is always by far the biggest challenge," says Gamez Morales. "We have around 2000 tickets a day - five times as many as usual! The text modules and macros are especially helpful because they save us a lot of time. That’s a relief every year!

What Does the Future Look Like?

"I think artificial intelligence will play a major role in the future," says Gamez Morales. "It will help us, for example, to create better automation and evaluate data more clearly. But first I can well imagine expanding the chat and automated emails at myposter. I am sure that Zammad will be a great help with that.

Solved tickets
~8400 / month
Agents in support
Response time
24 hrs
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