We wanted to invest in a system that has a future and will be developed further.

The swissQprint team

How It All Began

For years, swissQprint employees had answered their numerous customer inquiries via a mailbox, but working with a shared mailbox eventually became unstructured and time-consuming. At the beginning of 2017, it was clear that a more efficient solution in the form of a ticket system was needed to solve customers' problems in a more structured way.

Zammad is, according to the swissQprint team, the only system that offers such high value for so little money.

In the end, Zammad was chosen because it meets all criteria, such as ease of use, reliability, usability, and efficiency. Furthermore, Zammad is a strong partner for integrations.

How Was the Change?

In the beginning, there was a lot of skepticism among the employees, but the advantages of Zammad were convincing. The launch day itself went smoothly. Constant communication via email ensured that all questions were answered directly. Since the system was set up, Zammad's maintenance effort has been very low, at around one hour per month.

Today, the system is used throughout the company: Support uses it for technical questions and returns. The Application team, on the other hand, uses it for queries from dealers. Internally, it is used for IT queries. The Back Office, Purchasing, and Logistics departments use Zammad to process warranty claims.

  1. How It All Began
  2. How Was the Change?
  3. What the Team Says Today
  4. What Does the Workday Look Like Today?
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What the Team Says Today

In retrospect, all employees are happy about the change and find Zammad to be performance-strong, user-friendly, and clear. Thanks to an approximately two-hour training session as an introduction, everyone was quickly familiar with Zammad, and uncertainties were eliminated.

The conclusion was that the change was simply necessary. Since the Support team is in the office one day and with the customer the next, they need to easily hand over the cases. The ticket history is very important to be able to understand a case. With Zammad, all this has become easier.

Today, they clearly see a significant reduction in the amount of email, because more communication takes place via Zammad instead of Outlook. Also, tickets are distributed quickly and easily to the responsible persons, which shortens the response time. In addition, notes can be stored so that everyone can quickly familiarize themselves with the ticket history.

What Does the Workday Look Like Today?

Since the team started using Zammad, coordination and cross-departmental work have become easier. As Zammad has developed an integration for their internal system, swissQprint can pass on information from its own tool directly through Zammad - saving valuable time.

The goal for the future is to continue to optimize communication in order to meet the constant growth of the company. To ensure that all information is accessible to all employees, accurate documentation is also helpful. Zammad is a great help in implementing this.

Solved tickets
~525 / month
usually 6 / day
Response time
>40 min
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