Zammad is user-friendly, innovative, and efficient - you set something up and the system does exactly what it's supposed to do!

Benjamin Künzel, Management Assistant & Training Coordinator

How It All Began

Due to the different product areas, the team at Karls receives hundreds of messages per day. General inquiries used to be answered via the chat tool LiveZilla, while messages related to the online store were answered via Outlook. However, this quickly became confusing and was slow and inefficient. After the request volume increased due to the corona-related lockdown, a better solution was needed. So the idea was born to merge both support areas and equip them with a user-friendly helpdesk.

The company was looking for a program with the ability to categorize customer requests, a smooth full-text search, a trigger function, and the option to connect to the telephone system. "The fact that Zammad also has such easy handling and offers us a real improvement in our time resources is, of course, fantastic," says Künzel.

What Was the Switch Like?

The switch to a fully comprehensive ticket system was relaxed. First, the central support was migrated. "We migrated bit by bit," Künzel recalls. "After about two weeks, all data had been transferred. For the online store, we switched from Outlook to Zammad, and after about three days everything ran smoothly." All colleagues received a two-hour introduction to Zammad, which quickly put them up to speed.

What the Team Says Today

"Everyone thinks it's great and they are very satisfied to use it," says Künzel. "And the maintenance effort is also small, especially since we set up all the text modules, triggers, etc. right at the beginning. Therefore, everything runs almost by itself now and system maintenance is really minimal." The conclusion is positive:

"Zammad meets all the criteria and works great!"

Above all, however, it's Zammad's features that make things much easier: "We have set up a trigger function that sends an automatic reply to every message and includes a link to our knowledge base. This way, many questions are answered directly, making the ticket obsolete and reducing our workload immensely."

  1. How It All Began
  2. What Was the Switch Like?
  3. What the Team Says Today
  4. What Does the Work Day Look Like Now?
  5. What Does the Future Hold?
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What Does the Work Day Look Like Now?

"More relaxed!" says Künzel in response to this question. "The biggest advantage to Zammad is really the time it saves us!" Thus, thanks to Zammad, the team almost always manages to meet its goal of 24 hours response time.

But the changeover has also paid off financially: complaints at Karls are often resolved with online store vouchers, for which mails used to be sent back and forth. Thanks to Zammad and the internal ticket notes, this is now much easier, less complicated, and faster. "It definitely avoids duplicate processing and therefore duplicate refunds or redeliveries - which, of course, is great for us."

What Does the Future Hold?

We are already very pleased with what we have achieved with Zammad so far," Künzel tells us. "I'd love to see other departments use Zammad in the future to simplify and speed up communication. I'm thinking of IT, for example, but maybe even Marketing at some point.

Tickets solved
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4 - 6
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<24 hrs
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