To describe Zammad in 3 words:
Uncomplicated, organized, clear.

Anastasios Papadopoulos, Sales Manager DACH, Vodia

The Challenge For Vodia

For years, Vodia had been working with self-developed software. "However, this was good for nothing and the maintenance effort was high," recalls Papadopoulos. They needed a better structure. "Our clients' problem cases could not be sorted and we had no overview of our clients. For example, we couldn't see quickly enough what was the subject of the last call or conversation."

"We wanted to work faster, more effectively, and also more customer-oriented by improving our support."

The team at Vodia realized that a change was needed. "We then looked for a simple and supportive solution. To improve our support, we needed quicker insights into customers' histories so we could help them quickly and in the best possible way. And then we discovered Zammad" says Papadopoulos.

What was the switch like?

"The switch to Zammad was absolutely smooth, very quick and easy, and basically overnight. On launch day everyone was very curious and after only 2 weeks the whole team was already familiar with Zammad."

"Zammad brings important know-how and experience for helpdesks which keeps the maintenance effort very low. The good handling and ease of use make our work faster and more organized. We can make our technical support more effective."

  1. The Challenge For Vodia
  2. What was the switch like?
  3. How did the team react?
  4. Do You Have A Favorite Zammad Anecdote?
  5. The Future With Zammad
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How did the team react?

They were delighted," says Papadopoulos with a grin. "The whole team agreed that a different tool was needed, so the joy after the change was high.

On top of that, clarity and the resulting time savings are very important to us. Since our previous tool couldn't offer that, there was a general acceptance among the team in advance that a change was necessary.

What do the employees say today? "It was the right decision!"

"Zammad is a comprehensive tool that leads to success."

We don't have any concrete metrics on Zammad yet, but we have seen increasing sales, which are certainly due to the increasing satisfaction of our customers.

Do You Have A Favorite Zammad Anecdote?

Yes, one of the customers got confused that we could open his last ticket using only his phone number and thus take all the information from his history without him having to say anything. The confusion of the customer was kind of funny but it also proved to us once again, that this decision was absolutely right.

The Future With Zammad

In the future, we will remain in active contact with Zammad, as an integration with Zammad and our PBX is planned.

Solved tickets
4-6 / day
Response Time
3-5 hours
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