Working with Zammad is really not rocket science.

Jessica Gießler, Support and Service at ioki

The Challenge

The main focus of ioki is on the development of customized and digital mobility solutions. The goal is to optimize public transportation with on-demand offerings according to demand and to digitize it through the ioki platform. Multinational teams from over 25 nations work closely together every day to enable flexible and inclusive mobility for everyone, everywhere. In this interdisciplinary collaboration, it is crucial to maintain an overview - the same applies to customer support and ticket management.

"The available options were limited, and there were confusions due to missing features, such as the ability to merge tickets," explains Jessica, who previously worked with Help Scout for managing and responding to customer inquiries.

The Decision for Zammad

As software experts, ioki expects the same high standard of quality from acquired software as the company sets for its own software. In addition to features such as SLA tracking, reporting, GitHub integration, multilingual support, time tracking, and several others, the protection of all data was at the top of the criteria list.

"We compared numerous providers and identified various areas of requirements that we wanted to cover. Zammad stood out, especially with its security certificate that ensured data security. That's when we knew: With Zammad, we have found a reliable partner for our data and the data of our customers."

  1. The Challenge
  2. The Decision for Zammad
  3. The Switch to Zammad
  4. The Daily Routine with Zammad
  5. The Greatest Value of Zammad
  6. The Most Gratifying Success with Zammad
  7. The Outlook into the Future
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The Switch to Zammad

After an intensive search and a thorough examination, the decision ultimately fell on Zammad. 'Naturally, we had concerns that information or data could be lost, and that not everything would work as expected. We also couldn't precisely estimate the effort involved,' recalls Jessica.

In hindsight, these concerns proved to be unfounded for Jessica, as the migration went almost smoothly, and the launch day was calmer than expected.

The Daily Routine with Zammad

ioki's support team quickly adapted to their daily work with the helpdesk. Jessica took sufficient time for the onboarding process: "I wanted to get to know Zammad inside and out and thoroughly test all its features," she explains. She shared her acquired knowledge in a training session with other team members, who, in turn, introduced the rest of the teams to using the new helpdesk.

Since switching to Zammad, Jessica and her team can process tickets more quickly. She attributes this in part to the tool's clear overview. The exchange of information within and between teams is also smooth, and communication has become more transparent: 'We can easily view the status of a ticket in the helpdesk, which is particularly convenient during substitutions."

The GitHub integration plays a crucial role in team collaboration. "If the support team can't resolve an issue on its own, we reach out to other departments via GitHub, such as developers, and link the corresponding GitHub ticket in the Zammad ticket.'"

The Greatest Value of Zammad

Even after a year of use, Zammad continues to impress the team with its features. "The tool can really do a lot! When I occasionally show my colleagues some tips and tricks, they are always surprised by how versatile Zammad is," reports Jessica. Recently, she introduced the reporting function in combination with tags, allowing the team to measure its own performance and create precise reports for clients.

Another Zammad feature frequently utilized by ioki is used somewhat unconventionally: the groups. "A little fun fact: Our groups fit on two pages in the drop-down field. That's because we don't use this function for internal departments, but for things like product categories, product requirements, or customer agreements such as SLAs. This makes it easier for us to filter tickets and enables better reporting."

The Most Gratifying Success with Zammad

There was an initial sense of achievement immediately after the switch to Zammad, Jessica recalls: 'We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, stating that the response speed of customer support and overall quality have improved."

The Outlook into the Future

Thanks to Zammad, customer support at ioki has become faster and more efficient. And Jessica sees further potential: "We want to use Zammad as a comprehensive communication tool between ioki and our customers. To ensure that customers enter as much information as possible into the ticket right from the first contact, we need some features that we either need to explore further or have developed." A challenge that needs to be tackled in collaboration with Zammad.

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