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How A Helpdesk Helps In IT, Retail, Law, Healthcare And Arts

A ticket system is your shortcut to better productivity in your day-to-day customer operations. Read on for five inspiring examples of real-world use by our customers - from switching to Zammad, to the immediate benefits from help desk deployment, to extending it to the entire organization.

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What this post is about

  • The use of a helpdesk increases efficiency in any industry
  • Because the possibilities are so diverse, we want to inspire you with real-life use cases
  • Karls uses Zammad to reach a 24-hour response time for tickets
  • DocCheck uses tags to quickly assign inquiries to the right unit in the company
  • Also included: Insights from Nextcloud, Gansel Rechtsanwälte and the Junges Theater Bonn

The uses of a modern help desk are almost endless - because it can be used anywhere where requests are directed to a recipient or an organization via various communication channels. And who does not communicate?

For this reason, we would like to illustrate its diverse uses with examples from various industries. Here you can read how our smart helpdesk Zammad helps leading players from IT, retail, legal, healthcare, and even arts in their everyday lives.

IT: Nextcloud uses Zammad as part of its IT infrastructure

Collaboration platform Nextcloud offers ToDo management, video calls, calendaring, and file hosting. Best of all, Nextcloud is an open-source solution for everyone, just like Zammad (adopt our philosophy That's why they know about the great advantages of free and community-supported software development.

After integrating Zammad into customer support, its use was quickly extended to the hiring and application process and general inquiries. All departments can now focus entirely on their respective tasks.

As a professional user, Nextcloud uses our Do-It-Yourself solution, which is hosted on their own servers and updated independently. Alternatively, Zammad is also available in an all-inclusive package, where we keep your helpdesk continuously up-to-date and provide all updates automatically. Read more about the differences between the two versions.

What is the Zammad conclusion about Nextcloud after five years in use? Read more in our Customer Story.

Retail: Karls boosts support speed (and saves time)

The portfolio of Karls, a medium-sized family business, already includes adventure villages, hotels, an online store, and well-known strawberry cottages. All of these activities result in hundreds of messages across all business units that the company must handle daily.

Whereas in the past a live chat and various Outlook mailboxes had to handle the bulk of it, today they benefit from an integrated solution. Finally, with the user-friendly Zammad helpdesk, everything can be answered from one interface. This saves important resources that can be invested in quality assurance!

Every conversation with Karls begins with a fully automated reference to the company's own knowledge base, which offers help for self-service. The team also benefits from text modules, tags, and a comprehensive full-text search. As a result, almost every inquiry can be answered within just 24 hours.

Learn more about how Karls increases efficiency by using Zammad.

Law: Own data integration for Gansel Rechtsanwälte

The consumer protection law firm Gansel Rechtsanwälte experienced rapid growth in just three years. The number of employees increased from 100 to 320 (of which 250 needed access to the helpdesk). Now it was especially important to scale the internal processes accordingly. Zammad helped them do that.

With dozens of integrations, Zammad makes it possible to combine data in a clear support interface. Even new and previously untapped data sources can be integrated - as implemented by us in close cooperation with Gansel Rechtsanwälte.

For example, we integrated Grafana, a data visualization platform, into Zammad according to Gansel Rechtsanwälte's requirements so that they can always keep track of their KPIs.

Dive deeper into the close collaboration between Gansel Rechtsanwälte and Zammad.

Healthcare: All DocCheck units under one support umbrella

In the Corona lockdown and the move to the home office, the need for a decentralized support solution was high. A solution that is independent of office knowledge and fully relies on smart exchange within the entire organization.

At that time, the colleagues of the online medical store DocCheck (with an associated community) were particularly frustrated by the fact that all their units could not be mapped in their old ticketing system OTRS. After switching to Zammad DokCheck was able to combine all requirements - including the native implementation of a customer management system, which had previously also existed in a separate application.

Today, both the support and media departments are pleased with a time savings of 30 minutes per week per agent. This has caught the attention of the system administration, which now wants to use Zammad for internal requests as well.

Read more exciting insights from the DocCheck migration to Zammad.

Arts: Junges Theater Bonn saves on duplicate edits

Yes, even a venue like the Junges Theater Bonn benefits from a ticketing system in support! Known for its children's and youth productions, the stage repeatedly receives requests from schools and private individuals for performances and shows.

Previously, these were answered by several employees in the house via a shared e-mail box - often the first and simplest solution to address the issue of support in small businesses. However, this regularly resulted in duplicate processing, because no one had an overview of which requests were already processed.

It was only with the structured ticket system Zammad that support at the Junges Theater Bonn could be professionalized. In the end, everyone involved was happy about the newly gained overview. Problem cases are now handled efficiently.

How was the switch to Zammad step by step? Read the Full Story.


Zammad helps to structure support across all industries, to improve performance, and to make knowledge easily and permanently available. We are proud to have achieved such rapid results for our customers immediately after implementation and continue to focus on usability, integration diversity, and data protection.

  1. IT: Nextcloud uses Zammad as part of its IT infrastructure
  2. Retail: Karls boosts support speed (and saves time)
  3. Law: Own data integration for Gansel Rechtsanwälte
  4. Healthcare: All DocCheck units under one support umbrella
  5. Arts: Junges Theater Bonn saves on duplicate edits
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