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The Key Trends and Statistics in Customer Service

The year 2023 is in the books. It's time to reflect on the past months and shed light on trends and topics that held particular relevance in customer service. Forbes, the business magazine, has reached out and surveyed customers about their wishes and expectations regarding service offerings. The result highlights which points should be definitely considered in the new year and beyond.

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What this post is about

  • Long-Term Customer Retention
  • AI as a forward-looking element
  • Customer service is worth the investment
  • Emphasis on personal marketing
  • Expansion of the service portfolio

Tomorrow is already yesterday! Industries and markets undergo rapid changes, shifting the focus of requirements and customer needs within short periods. However, not all changes in direction and trends are destined to last forever. It is crucial to know what has been particularly relevant in the past months.

What aspects did customers place extraordinary importance on? How strongly does the provided service influence satisfaction, or is it ultimately just the product that matters? Forbes commissioned a survey with 2,000 participants through the market research company OnePoll to answer these questions. We have filtered out the key facts for you.

Loyalty: These Initiatives Foster Long-Term Commitment

Loyal customers are a solid foundation! Once a loyal customer base is established, one can focus on new projects and the realization of exciting visions. To maintain this foundation, the use of various loyalty programs or mechanisms is crucial.

74 percent of respondents stated that personalized and active customer service serves as the strongest bond. Loyalty programs claimed the second spot in the survey with 69 percent. The traditional coupon or discount code received only 63 percent of the votes. This indicates that a connection to the company generates more value than reduced prices. Contributions to environmental protection (61 percent) or apps (53 percent) deliver even less impact - a pity really.

AI: The Allure of Curiosity

That Artificial Intelligence has firmly secured its place as a polarizing topic in discussions and debates in 2023 is undeniable. From generating images to writing texts or answering questions, companies are integrating AI as a service tool, thereby piquing customer interest.

Forward-looking, practical, faster: these qualities are associated with the incorporation of modern technology and immediately receive approval. Particularly, AI-generated texts (49 percent) and chatbots (41 percent) are highly popular among customers, provided they deliver real value.

We ourselves predicted at the beginning of the year what role AI could play in customer support. However, despite the expansion of the customer experience through these modern tools, concerns persist when it comes to personal information and data. The meaningful use of AI thus demands that companies carefully weigh the balance between must-have and nice-to-have.

Quality: More Money for Good Customer Service

Good quality comes at a price! While high service fees were once scoffed at and classified as borderline exploitation, customers now willingly pay a justified price for high-quality service. 48 percent of respondents appreciate a strong service-oriented approach and accept the corresponding fee for this added value.

It is therefore advisable for companies to invest in the training and development of their employees. Seminars, training sessions, or skill polishing: existing teams need support and encouragement in their abilities. Simply hiring additional personnel to quickly and impersonally handle the workload does not constitute good service. Instead, it requires resources and, above all, time that ultimately makes the difference.

Personal Marketing: Making Experiences and Contact Accessible to Customers

It's like in any good relationship: when one side understands and responds to the needs of the other, a happy partnership is possible. Similar dynamics apply to customers and companies. Personalized offers and exceptional service delight customers and strengthen loyalty.

46 percent of respondents stated that the willingness to make a purchase is higher when specific offers and tailored advertising are presented. In contrast, general sales or seasonal promotions receive less attention. A natural response: How special can something be if everyone can have it?

Wishlist: Service Essentials for the Coming Year

In addition to existing service features, users have additional aspects they wish for from companies. With clear expectations from the customer side, planning for the upcoming year can be approached more actively.

According to respondents, these offerings belong in a customer-oriented service portfolio:

  • Shipment tracking (52 percent)
  • Shopping via social media (41 percent)
  • Use of alternative payment methods (37 percent)
  • Invoice purchase (36 percent)
  • Sustainable packaging (14 percent)


Recognize detailed expectations as a compass for future developments! The survey proves that fundamental elements of support ensure the foundation for satisfied customers. This can be built upon! By incorporating specific tools and service expansions, companies strengthen the connection to long-time users and attract new customers much more quickly.

Read the entire analysis of the survey commissioned by Forbes here.

  1. Loyalty: These Initiatives Foster Long-Term Commitment
  2. AI: The Allure of Curiosity
  3. Quality: More Money for Good Customer Service
  4. Personal Marketing: Making Experiences and Contact Accessible to Customers
  5. Wishlist: Service Essentials for the Coming Year
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