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Is AI The Future In Support? Opportunities And Challenges Of ChatGPT & Co.

With the hype and strong media presence of the ChatGPT software, new opportunities for the use of AI in support and customer service have opened up seemingly overnight. Whether it's fast and automated help or improved customer experiences: Smart searches and chatbots are no longer dreams of the future. We give you an overview of the development.

What this post is about

  • Recognize opportunities today and understand challenges
  • Enabling combinations between people and machines
  • Make trade-offs for your own deployment
  • Allow time for evaluations

Many companies already use AI-based technology in customer service and rely on digital assistance. However, the topic only recently experienced a push toward the mainstream with the release of OpenAI's ChatGPT and GPT4 self-learning software. And it sparked a new discussion about what else AI could do on its own in the future.

What at first glance appears to be an assistant for research, summaries or other text tasks should also be tested in the long term for use with customers. Where does it make particularly good sense to hand over tasks to an AI - but where is it also necessary to have a human pair of eyes personally dedicated to the concerns? Because in addition to the numerous opportunities offered by ChatGPT or comparable chatbots, there are other challenges overcome.

Expanding The Customer Service Offering

Customers often contact support with similar questions. First and foremost, a chatbot can therefore support customer service by providing the appropriate answers on its own - on all channels and around the clock. Unnecessary waiting times are eliminated and thus offer customers immediate solutions to their problems.

With each new inquiry, a smart chatbot learns and will soon be able to suggest the right answers for new scenarios. Using a bot scales the service offering much faster and has the advantage of saving time for your team of support agents.

Calculate Time-Consuming Training

Even though AI takes on a significant amount of work, the training and, more importantly, eliminating incorrect answers (or so-called "hallucinations") are still manual tasks. The fact is: the dream of comprehensive customer service requires preliminary work. In the beginning, a chatbot only knows the information that has been taught to it and is classified as correct.

The most important basics must be stored in a database and always kept up to date. Images, metadata, facts: Extensive information belongs in the system to provide customers with the right answers. Especially complex program definitions require correspondingly long development times. However, ChatGPT helps to write metadata quickly. Only the basic information is needed.

Merging Automated AI Functions And Team Expertise.

The fast work performance of chatbots and the learned work processes of employees can produce optimal results in interaction. On the one hand, there is the time saved by technology, while on the other hand, there is more room to contribute and expand human input. AI sharpens customer experiences when you integrate the right parameters into it.

Extend Data Protection

Artificial intelligence in service works even better when customers provide their data and important information. To keep this hurdle as low as possible, it's a good idea to make processing transparent in the background. Knowing how processes work creates trust on the customer side.

For companies, this in turn means striving for simplified data integration. Enable the provision of relevant information, which would be needed for the best possible AI analysis. Customers are happy to help if the added value is apparent to them.

Increase Engagement Rate

With constant availability and short response times, chatbots keep customers in touch with companies at all times. Especially when used on social networks or messenger, this can lead to a higher engagement rate. Response rates increase and positive reviews follow!

Customers learn where they can find help quickly and show their appreciation through loyalty and recurring site visits. Strengthened relationships are hard to develop faster.

Get Content Inspiration From ChatGPT

ChatGPT excels as a great content builder. From blog posts to social media posts, the tool can implement all common text formats that can be useful as suggestions for your own channels. The fear of the white sheet of paper is taken away and replaced by initial suggestions.

Important to know: Merely taking over the finished text unedited is to be avoided. Personal notes and company tone belong in the content to be published to highlight unique selling points. Because categorizing soulless AI results as company content always has a negative effect in the long run. After all, anybody can generate the same results with the same "prompt" (= input command).


The mixture makes the difference! Although artificial intelligence is often classified as a reason for possible job rationing or as a substitute for tasks, its raison d'être for business development is enormous. By combining integrated support with human care, AI can enrich comprehensive service offerings in your favor.

  1. Expanding The Customer Service Offering
  2. Calculate Time-Consuming Training
  3. Merging Automated AI Functions And Team Expertise.
  4. Extend Data Protection
  5. Increase Engagement Rate
  6. Get Content Inspiration From ChatGPT
  7. Summary
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