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How to Provide Next-Level Support With Zammad: Features That Make You Even More Productive

With our issue tracking system, we focus on maximum user-friendliness for agents to make their work a little more efficient every day. This is ensured by several powerful features, which we can’t wait to introduce to you here.

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  • Work more productively thanks to text module and categorizations
  • Save loads of time with automation
  • Store and share tips and tricks in the knowledge base
  • Reply faster than your competition thanks to SLAs and the live chat
  • Integrate tools that are important for your work through REST API

Our Zammad Helpdesk is backed by 20 years of experience and thousands of hours of development. No other tool is as simple as it is powerful for answering support requests via phone, email, and chat. It's your gateway to next-level support. The special feature: with our ticketing system, we focus on maximum user-friendliness for agents to make their work a little more efficient every day. This is ensured by several powerful features, which we can’t wait to introduce to you here.

Work More Productively With Text Modules and Categorizations

The biggest productivity boost for your organization is also the easiest: Create text modules that can be combined for a faster response to queries. Zammad allows you to save recurring phrases such as salutations and goodbyes, explanations of the next steps, or even general information on data protection or accessibility. These sentences or paragraphs can be put together in no time at all using a keyword search. This creates a comprehensive archive that all agents have access to. As a result, they can react in a fraction of the time, always remaining individual in their user concerns, and at the same time speaking a common language as an organization.

As open-source software, you can adapt Zammad even further to your needs! For example, you can use individual fields to create your own categorizations, such as for product classes, machine numbers, fault types, or processing steps. Such a uniform system immediately provides all your agents with a basic structure and helps them to build further workflows on this (see the chapter on partial automation). So go ahead and be creative!

  1. Work More Productively With Text Modules and Categorizations
  2. Partial Automation With Templates, Macros, Triggers, and Scheduler
  3. The Knowledge of Your Entire Organization - Available to All
  4. Beat Your Competition With Live Chat and Guaranteed Response Times
  5. Easily Read and Evaluate External Data Sources
  6. Summary
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Individual fields

Zammad allows you to create individual fields - such as specific dates or query classifications. And best of all, it works not only for tickets but also for users and organizations.

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Text modules

Zammad means convenience: with the help of our flexible text modules, customer inquiries can be handled more efficiently. Simply define your own shortcuts!

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Partial Automation With Templates, Macros, Triggers, and Scheduler

Reach your goal faster: With Zammad you can reduce your processing steps to a minimum. The key to this is to develop and establish clear processes in Support: What procedure follows an inquiry? Which agent or team takes care of the processing? What priority and status does a ticket have? And which keywords should be linked to it? You will find that best practices arise for all these "attributes", which can be assigned with just one click.

Just use our smart features. For example, ticket templates help you assign several attributes to incoming requests with just one click. Macros make it possible to combine entire work steps and changes to tickets, such as assigning tags, assigning an agent, and changing the status. Triggers and schedulers, on the other hand, execute previously defined actions completely without your intervention.

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Do you have to answer the same questions over and over again? Zammad allows you to create individual ticket templates. This way you never type more than necessary, save valuable time, and can be sure that every agent always finds the right words.

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Individual Lists & Overviews

Create individual overviews - specifically for your different teams. Numbers, names, columns, properties, and permissions can be defined by the administrator.

More about Individual Lists & Overviews

The Knowledge of Your Entire Organization - Available to All

With the built-in Knowledge Base (KB) you can establish Zammad as the open knowledge repository of your organization. This allows your agents to help out with requests that might not be within their main area of expertise. As a central place for questions and answers, details about products and services, manuals, and other application knowledge, you can use your KB only internally, or open it for external users. This way they can solve some problems directly themselves without having to contact your helpdesk.

You can sort Knowledge Base entries by categories or contexts, structure them individually with text and images, and add all necessary cross-references. Using a keyword search (including a fast autocomplete function), you, your agents, and all users will always find the answers they need right now. (We wish this would work with every part of life ...)

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Knowledge Base

It's so convenient if you can just look something up. That's why Zammad has an extensive knowledge base. It makes sure everyone is always in the picture - whether they’re an agent or a customer. Depending on your plan even in several languages!

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Beat Your Competition With Live Chat and Guaranteed Response Times

With Zammad you can take your external Customer Service or internal Helpdesk to the next level. Thanks to our smart integrations, we already solve problems like unclear responsibilities or undefined processing status. But you can get much more out of it with some additional services!

Did you know that inquiries can be solved seven times faster by using a live chat? The possibility of direct communication clarifies problems much more directly. (And if no agent is online, we simply hide the chat. Clever, huh?)

The features of Zammad's hosting option include a promise that not many can make: guaranteed response times to support requests. If you want to offer your customers fast response times for every inquiry, you need a helpdesk system that helps you set priorities and answer more urgent messages faster. With Zammad we provide you with just such a tool. Thanks to integrated escalation management, your agents can see at a glance which tickets they should process first. And you can easily monitor and evaluate if you keep your promises.

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Smart Chat

Be quick now: via our smart chat, your support team can solve customer queries 7x faster than via conventional email.

More about Smart Chat

Easily Read and Evaluate External Data Sources

We don’t like to talk about it, but we know that you use other tools in addition to Zammad, for example, to manage your internal accesses and user data uniformly. To make our tool as simple as possible, we deliberately do not include these functions in Zammad. This allows you to use the tools that are best suited for your organization.

We prefer to allow you to work with these separate tools in Zammad and connect your system directly. The data exchange is possible by direct connection via Rest-API and prepared endpoints, such as for tickets, users, and authentication data.



Link programs quickly, easily, and straightforwardly through a REST API and get real-time information on all your channels and operations.

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LDAP integration

Zammad offers you centralized user/rights management options using our secure LDAP integration. See at any time who belongs to your helpdesk and automatically assign roles and permissions.

More about LDAP integration


The issue tracking system Zammad functions as a central helpdesk for all your support requests. Our power features such as reusable text modules, the knowledge base, and connections to existing data sources enable your organization to achieve a huge productivity boost after a short time.

We recommend that you standardize your processes from the beginning as much as you can so that you can either answer the majority of tickets immediately or assign them to the right contact person within your organization.

We are also happy to assist you in a personal workshop to develop a crisis-proof support structure. Please feel free to contact us for this purpose.

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