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6 Good Reasons Why Your Company Should Become Sustainable In 2022

In this guide, you will learn the great benefits of making your organization sustainable and carbon neutral by the end of 2022. By focusing on the conservation and regeneration of natural systems and your limited resources, you will unlock the potential for creativity, innovation, reputation, and even growth.

Origami Koala

What this post is about

  • Sustainability means thinking not only about today but about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
  • By optimizing production processes you save valuable resources
  • And by keeping an open mind for innovation potential, completely new business opportunities arise
  • Your internal and external reputation strengthens the effects of your sustainable strategy

Just like every person, every organization leaves a carbon footprint. Reducing (or even eliminating) this footprint is the primary goal of your sustainability offensive. At the same time, the positive effect on the climate is not the only benefit. We will show you what other great effects go hand in hand with it!

Start your considerations with the central question of how you and your colleagues can contribute to the regeneration of the natural systems on which you depend to provide your products or services. Prioritize the answers according to effort and effect. Take easy-to-implement steps with the greatest possible impact first!

Identifying these levers now, activating them, and adapting your business strategy accordingly is worthwhile several times over. We have compiled six strong reasons for doing so.

1. Increases Productivity And Reduces Costs

It is a widespread prejudice that climate-friendly action must always be synonymous with rising additional expenses. Most of the time, these are indeed initially higher - but only to pay off in the long run. For example, when improved insulation makes energy saving possible in the first place, or when improved production methods lead to resource savings. Today's expenditures are tomorrow's savings.

2. Faster To New Product And Service Ideas

The stronger your sustainability self-image, the more open you will be to innovation. By constantly challenging the status quo, opportunities will arise to enter new markets and expand. Take advantage of the inertia of others!

3. Improve Brand Image And Gain A Competitive Advantage

More and more consumers are including the carbon footprint of products and services in their purchasing decisions. After all, if the quality is the same, why make a choice that is bad for your future on Earth?

The same applies to companies that take an active role in supporting local communities and initiatives. They are seen and respected for their efforts. This creates closeness and shows authenticity.

4. Inspire (Future) Employees And Investors

The young generation has developed a strong environmental awareness and demands a corresponding reflection also from its future employers. What is not acceptable is to be associated with polluters or similar scandals.

Therefore, show your applicants, employees, and also investors that you respect and protect the environment, people and animals. This will attract the people who want to join this mission - including the capital it needs to finance its expansion.

5. Anticipates Regulatory Requirements

Protective efforts are leading to stricter limits, set by state and federal authorities everywhere.  Often these processes are set for a long time and are not relevant overnight - but they are coming.

And to avoid having to react hastily, it is advisable to keep a close eye on the regulatory situation, anticipate foreseeable steps, and set the course towards sustainability at an early stage.

6. Reduce Waste And Avoid Pollution

Today, recycling has been part of good practice for a while now. But waste reduction can always be taken a step further. From paperless offices to replacing light bulbs with energy-saving LED lamps, to saving raw materials in manufacturing processes. All this reduces material consumption and preserves globally valuable habitats.


The key to a sustainable organization is to prioritize the health and performance of people and nature at all times. By respecting the necessary regeneration time of your resources, you will benefit from the positive effects in the long run - internally and externally.

  1. 1. Increases Productivity And Reduces Costs
  2. 2. Faster To New Product And Service Ideas
  3. 3. Improve Brand Image And Gain A Competitive Advantage
  4. 4. Inspire (Future) Employees And Investors
  5. 5. Anticipates Regulatory Requirements
  6. 6. Reduce Waste And Avoid Pollution
  7. Summary
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