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Zammad Diary | Jessica Traupe: Puns, Black Tea, and Scuba Diving

Jess complements the great work of the development team with her creative ideas. In addition to the website content and social media channels, she also maintains SEO and PR. In the Zammad diary, she talks about life in a remote job and tells us what it's like to be a non-techy person in a software company.

Polygon-style portrait of Jessica Traupe

What is your name and position at Zammad?
Hey, I'm Jessica and I work at Zammad as a Content & SEO Marketing Manager. But really, I'm more of a marketing all-rounder.

What are you known for?
I rarely get mad and often come up with bad puns.

What are you working on right now?
Right now it's a lot of technical content for our next release, but I'm also currently planning some exciting marketing campaigns with various Zammad users, analyzing the performance of current formats, and shaping our brand material. Oh, and I'll be uploading this text to the system later!

What new things have you learned on the job lately?
I learn something new every day. You see, I don't have a technical background, so I'm thrown in at the deep end all the time. Recently I learned that Webhooks (unfortunately) have nothing to do with pirates!

What motivates you every morning?
Strong, sweet black tea and the standup call with colleagues. Always nice to see that others are disheveled in the morning too! ;)

What do you love most about remote work? (And what not so much?)
I don't have to take the Berlin subway as often anymore, and when the weather is nice I sometimes sit on the balcony.
But I also miss being around other people. And I have to do a lot more shopping and washing up!

What do you use to entertain your colleagues?
Irony and GIFs.

What industry or brand should Zammad be using urgently?
That's the great thing about Zammad: any company that communicates in any way (internally or externally) can use it and benefit from it. But I think it's urgently needed by government agencies and authorities... but maybe I've just had a particularly bad experience.

How do you manage to break out of your daily routines?
When there's no Corona, I visit family or friends and just work from there.

What does your desk look like?
I picked a bright spot and made sure to have enough space for all my work paraphernalia. I'm a bit old-school, so I need pens, a notebook... and somewhere to put my tea cup!

Workspace of Jessica Traupe

Do you have a passion that wouldn't be obvious from your resume?
Scuba diving and singing in a choir. The only thing I still fail at is singing underwater...

What inspires you?
The exchange with people who have achieved something that I would also like to do someday. For example, writing a book.

What would you do if money was no problem?
Phew... travel more (but always compensate your carbon footprint!) and support NGOs.
And finally, live by the sea! Or just move the entire city of Berlin to the coast - I can afford it!

Which app should be invented urgently?
What I would find really cool would be to see live the stocks of the supermarkets around me. This way I know exactly if my favorite product is sold out and I can save myself a trip. But I think it would be very difficult to implement something like that.

You have 1,000 unread messages and only time to reply to 50. How do you react?
That wouldn't happen to me. I have the Zammad help desk!

What two career tips do you have?
Two things I've learned:
Change is doable - and good! You can study maths and still become a designer. And: Don't let them keep you down. Far too many bosses have problems with handing over responsibility. Find a boss who pushes you and doesn't hold you back!

What do you miss from your previous job?
I was in a food startup before, where we had regular team lunches and team breakfasts. That was always fun and nicer than my daily oatmeal...

What feature do you think is the coolest in Zammad?
The activity stream. I often discover tickets with interesting titles and check them out. I learn a lot this way!

What makes you get up every morning and not just work in bed?
The laptop is in the "study" and even though I keep trying, the lazy thing just doesn't learn to come when called...

Which famous person would you like to have join the Zammad team and why?
A good comedian. I would then send them to events as a speaker for us and bam - endless keynotes! But as long as we don't have them, we have to keep charming people ourselves.

(By the way - we are always looking for new colleagues. Are you funny and entertaining?)

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