This is the only Customer Support team I like calling. At Zammad, you always have a knowledgeable employee on the phone who is friendly and competent and acts quickly. This is really personal and makes an enormous difference!

René Gerasch, Head of Customer Support

The Challenge

"We really can't complain." With these words René Gerasch of Gansel Rechtsanwälte begins to tell about his experience with Zammad. "We used to be a much smaller law firm. Then we grew rapidly within three years - from 100 to 320 employees! So it seems like we have done something right.“

So where is the problem? "If you grow quickly, you have to adapt quickly," says Gerasch. "That's not always so easy. Suddenly we had a flood of tickets, over 100 overviews in Support alone, and recurring performance problems. So we needed a support solution that would help us to work in a structured and efficient manner. Our previous system simply couldn't keep up. At the end of 2018, we started to look for an alternative.“

There was one big challenge: "Our numerous existing tools had to be integrated into the new helpdesk. But many systems won’t allow that. We also had 250 agents in the company who were supposed to use the tool - 40 in Customer Support alone! It was important to us that everyone could work with the system."

Eventually, Zammad was found by chance and prevailed over other solutions like Zendesk. "It's obvious," explains Gerasch. "Zammad is so well-structed and user-friendly that even less tech-savvy colleagues can easily use it. And all our tools can be integrated!“

  1. The Challenge
  2. The Switch to Zammad
  3. The Best Moment
  4. What Does the Future Look Like?
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The Switch to Zammad

The change from our previous system was absolutely unproblematic," Gerasch says. "Even the colleagues who at first thought we didn't need such a thing, were convinced straight away. Because Zammad is so intuitive, new employees are trained in just under a quarter of an hour. You can even teach yourself how to use it. It doesn't get any better than that!

What does the team associate with Zammad today? "Collaboration at eye level, personal support, and high user-friendliness.“

In the meantime, the team has become much more productive – the tags make prioritization easier and text modules make work more efficient. Thanks to the internal messages within the tickets, communication within the team has also improved. "We wanted to move away from individual case processing and towards structured productivity. With Zammad we have succeeded in doing this," says Gerasch.

The Best Moment

"We have only made positive experiences with Zammad," Gerasch says. But one thing stood out in particular: the firm's team had extensive reporting requirements to measure compliance with their KPIs.

Zammad offered us to create a Grafana integration tailored to our needs," says Gerasch enthusiastically. "This is absolutely great and solves the problem perfectly. It's just one of many examples that show how the Zammad team responds to challenges and actively finds solutions.

What Does the Future Look Like?

"We want to define legal tech of tomorrow and offer our clients innovative services," Gerasch reveals. "How, of course, remains a secret. Just this much: We could also well imagine working with Zammad to develop and test new functions. Because, as I said, we always work at eye level.“

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12 - 48 hrs
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