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Zammad 6.0:
Your modern helpdesk for even more efficiency

In modern fast-paced work environment, efficient communication and streamlined processes are essential for providing excellent support. With the release of Zammad 6.0, users now have access to a powerful and flexible helpdesk solution that seamlessly integrates into their daily work routine.

What do you need it for?

Use Cases for Zammad's new features

Mobile View, Duplicate Detection, customizable & predefined WebHooks with MS Teams integration are more than just fancy names. These features offer tangible benefits and enable you to work more flexibly and efficiently.

Mobile View feature of Zammad

Pocket-sized helpdesk

Being on the go can make it challenging to stay on top of customer requests and support tickets. With Mobile View, you can make sure no request goes unanswered. Simply access your Zammad helpdesk on your smartphone or tablet and handle your tickets wherever you are.

How to detect duplicate tickets in Zammad

Goodbye double work!

In a diverse support environment where tickets can be created through various channels, such as phone, email, live chat, or directly within the ticket system, the possibility of duplicate requests can increase. However, with Zammad's latest enhancement, the helpdesk is equipped to detect duplicates based on certain attributes and notify users.

How do webhooks work in Zammad

With WebHooks to seamless communication

Whether you need to stay updated on ticket status changes or trigger specific actions based on ticket events, WebHooks make it possible. Zammad 6.0 introduces customizable and predefined WebHooks, providing users with an enhanced integration experience. New in the Zammad WebHook bag: Microsoft Teams integration!

What else does this release bring you?

Discover further features
of Zammad 6.0

These were the highlights of the new version. Zammad 6.0 offers more, bringing improvements to Core Workflows and Responsive Design, as well as new capabilities for Default Agent Notification.

Curious? All the details can be found in the Release Notes – this way, please:

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Insights from our Users

This is what our Users say

Zammad 6.0 stands as a testament to the power of teamwork and collaboration between our dedicated developers and our valued users who have generously sponsored some of the features. Here's what some of them have to say about Zammad 6.0:

We use Zammad with excitement because it truly helps us to clearly structure our customer communication. It allows us to consolidate communication and project support in one place, and we benefit from its comprehensive integration with our other process platforms. We are particularly thrilled about the new Webhooks enhancement, which enables us to enhance internal communication and receive direct notifications about process progress in the exact locations where they should be visible.

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