Zammad 1.1.0 & 1.0.1

· We are happy to present to you the first release of our 4-weekly release cycle.

In addition to the bugfix release Zammad 1.0.1 we are releasing Zammad 1.1.0 with following new functions for download:

Zammad 1.1.0 & 1.0.1 (Feature & Patch Level)

Feature #1: Zammad REST API: Access Token or OAuth2

The authentication security has been further improved. In addition to username and password, REST API users can now authenticate with access token or OAuth2. An access token provides limited access permissions and a defined expiration date. Developers can find further instructions on implementation under the following URL:

Featrue #2: Zammad REST API Clients for Ruby und PHP

The internal REST API v1.0 has been officially released for external use with the current update. With the API clients, we are providing first PHP and Ruby libraries for developers to facilitate integration with Zammad.

Feature #3: Integration with

With Zammad displays the relevant customer contact (if available in Zammad) for incoming calls directly in the user interface and stores it in the team telephone log. The necessary search is executed in the background and covers all contents of the Zammad database including contact history and e-mails. Furthermore, the outgoing telephone number (caller ID) can be configured based on the number dialed. This is useful, for example, to suppress the telephone number on outgoing calls or to define a telephone number for outgoing international calls.

Zammad Screenshot agent CTI Integration

Feature #4: Integration with Slack

With the new Zammad integration for you can now follow real time changes to selected tickets in a Slack channel. The integration bundles ticket information centrally and provides more transparency.

Zammad Screenshot Agent Slack Integration

Feature #5: Automatic mapping of the organizational affiliation using the e-mail domain

Easy contact maintenance and more transparency: Customer contacts and their organizational affiliation can be automatically maintained in Zammad. Customers can see their own tickets as well as tickets of their organization. The support agent can see the organizational affiliation and all tickets of the relevant organization.

This last feature was a contribution from the "Golden Ticket” contest held together with Zammad launch ( and we were able to implement it within four weeks.

Download Zammad 1.1.0




Download Zammad 1.0.1





If you want to upgrade Zammad, just follow this instructions:

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