Zammad 2.0.0 & 1.5.1

· We're happy to announce the next milestone of Zammad, the Zammad 2.0 release. From today on we move back to our monthly release cycle.

Besides the bugfix release of Zammad 1.5.1 we're also releasing the new Zammad 2.0.0 with the following key improvements.

4 men in shirts with differently coloured backgrounds

Key Feature #1: LDAP integration

Key Feature #2: Absence management assistant

Key Feature #3: Exchange integration

Key Feature #4: Role management

A dedecated feature page with screencasts of each key feature is available here features.

A selection of further new functions are:

  • Support for RTL languages Hebrew and Persian.
  • Third party authentication for users with Microsoft account and Azure AD (also users of Office 365, so far already Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. via OAuth)
  • Support of the well-known text modules (::) in the chat widget for fast answering of standard questions.
  • When integrating IMAP mailboxes, it is possible to set in expert mode that e-mails remain on the e-mail server..
  • Support for deleting tickets via the admin interface (via automation).
  • Individualization of the ticket processing interface by "full quote" of e-mails when answering, use of an extra subject for each article/e-mail or use of the initials for tweets.

Many other improvements can be found in the changelog.

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