Zammad 2.1.0 & 2.0.1

· We are pleased to announce the release of Zammad 2.1.

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Zammad 2.1.0 & 2.0.1 (Major and Patch Level)

Now for the release. In addition to the bugfix release Zammad 2.0.1 we also release the new Zammad 2.1.0 with the following major improvements.

Feature #1: Reporting

Reporting in Zammad makes it possible to retrieve reports, which is also possible in real time. In addition, authorizations can be assigned for certain user groups in order to display evaluations, for example, only across departments.

Screenshot Zammad Features

The following properties are available for configuring real-time reporting:


Profiles can be managed via the admin interface. The tickets to be evaluated are usually defined here, e. g. all tickets from the support area or all tickets of a certain customer.


Here all tickets of a profile with a certain metric (currently ticket count, creation channels, communication) will be evaluated. Different options can be set for each metric. The available options for the currently selected metric are shown.


If a profile and a metric are selected, the metric will be shown in the main area.

Selection of periods

Here you can select the period to be evaluated (from yearly to real-time).


If tickets were used to generate the report, these ticket lists will be shown. An export as Excel list is possible.

Feature #2: Performance

Zammad downloads are increasing, and so is the number of customers. We now have the first really large Zammad installations with more than 2,500 tickets per day and more than 100 simultaneous agents.

This new version of Zammad brings a noticeable improvement in performance in the following areas:


Less resource consumption with increased throughput - a general performance increase of factor 1.5.


Performance enhancement for certain functions (e. g. opening tickets or updating overviews) - sometimes a performance improvement of factor 1.7.

Feature #3: Integration: Check_MK

Zammad already supports system monitoring tools like Nagios or Icinga. With the Check_MK-Integration we added support for another system monitoring tool.

Automatic ticket creation via emails or HTTP calls from Check_MK Automatic ticket closure (in case of recovery) via emails or HTTP calls from Check_MK Configuration/integration via the Zammad admin interface (Integrations -> Check_MK)

At this point, we would like to thank don't panic it-services OG who actively supported us in the implementation.

Feature #4: Integration: Monit

Besides Check_MK, Monit-Integration has also been added.

Automatic ticket creation via emails from Monit Automatic ticket closure (with recovery) via emails from Monit
Configuration/integration via the Zammad admin interface (Integrations -> Monit)

At this point, we would like to thank tyclipso media evolution UG, who supported us actively in the implementation.

Many other improvements can be found in the changelog.


Download Zammad 2.1.0

Changelog (2017-10-25)

Source code


Download Zammad 2.0.1

Changelog (2017-10-25)

Source code



Information about upgrading a Zammad installation can be found here:

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