Zammad 2.5.0 & 2.4.1

· We are pleased to release Zammad 2.5.

Besides the bugfix release Zammad 2.4.1 we also release the new Zammad 2.5.0 with the following major improvements.

Zammad 2.5.0 & 2.4.1 (Major and Patch Level)

Feature #1: Automatic ticket assignment (automatic locking)

In a larger Zammad environment, it happens that several agents open the same ticket at the same time. Although collision detection is then effective, the efficiency of processing can be increased by means of the new automatic assignment of tickets when a ticket is opened.

The automatic assignment of tickets can be activated and configured in the admin area under "Settings"->"Ticket"->"Automatic assignment".

The following parameters can be configured:

  • A filter to select the tickets for which automatic assignment is to be activated (e.g. only for the sales group)
  • Exceptions of users for which no automatic assignment is to be active (e.g. for group leaders).

Feature #2: Import of users, organizations and text modules via CSV file

In general, automation in Zammad via the Zammad API is very powerful. However, not everyone has the technical capabilities/skills to use the Zammad API. Therefore, we now offer a CSV import for the "mass processing" of users, organizations and/or text modules.

The CSV import can be found in the admin area under the respective object (e.g. "Text module"). With the new import action you can download a sample CSV file and upload your own CSV file.

To reduce the error rate of unwanted mass changes, a test import is carried out first and a summary appears at the end. If you agree with the summary, the CSV import can be finally executed.

Screenshot of the Zammad CSV import

Feature #3: API extension: Pagination also for search results

We have extended the search function of the Zammad API. Before Zammad 2.5, a maximum of 100 results were delivered in one search. From Zammad 2.5 a pagination for the result and thus access to all hits is possible. The use of the pagination is identical to the use of object lists.

Further information in the API documentation:

Feature #4: Last contact to the customer - behavior is now configurable

The field "Last contact customer" on the ticket is useful for creating an overview in which you can view tickets after a long waiting time (and therefore which should be processed first).

In Zammad, the "Last Contact Customer" field is only updated if the customer answers initially or if the agent replied to a customer request. The background to this is that a customer who asks again for his last request (e.g. a complaint when he can finally expect a response) does not "slip backward" in the overview.

In certain constellations, however, you really want to fill the field "Last customer contact" after the last contact (regardless of whether an agent answered before or not).

There is now a configuration for this which can be found in the admin area under "Settings"->"Ticket"->"Behaviour of the update of the last customer contact".

If this is changed, "Last contact customer" will be set for all newly processed tickets after the new setting from this point on.


All improvements can be found in the changelog.

Download Zammad 2.5.0

Changelog (2018-06-06)

Source code


Download Zammad 2.4.1

Changelog (2018-06-06)

Source code



Information about upgrading a Zammad installation can be found here:

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