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As an open-source project, our smart helpdesk Zammad thrives on the involvement of a vibrant developer community as well as the active participation of its users. Here we show you how you can play a central role in the further development of the project.

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What this post is about

  • Zammad is an open-source project and there are many ways that you can contribute
  • Check out GitHub – we’re one of the most active repositories there, and you can work on the code with us
  • Use Zammad on a hosted or service plan where you will receive time-saving support for a monthly fee
  • If you’re missing a certain feature you can sponsor it, and we will create it for you
  • Show the Zammad Foundation some love – for example, with a support contract

As an open-source project, our smart helpdesk Zammad thrives on the involvement of a vibrant developer community as well as the active participation of its users. Here we show you how you can play a central role in the further development of the project - whether you are a developer or just a Zammad fan. So the question is: how would you like to get involved?

Working Together on Code on GitHub

Since Day 1, we've been sharing the entire source code of our customer support system on the developer platform GitHub. We use this platform to exchange information with our open-source community (or for professionals: for versioning lines of code and various expansion stages).

Programmers can participate in the further development of Zammad on GitHub by contributing to open todos. These todos describe improvements in usability, a new feature, or even a bug - unfortunately, nobody is safe from that.

What we're especially happy about: Zammad is one of the most active repositories on GitHub for the Ruby programming language. More than 2,200 stars awarded by developers also show that a lot of people work with our code and make Zammad a little bit better every day.

We are big fans of the Open Source movement and would be happy to continue working on Zammad with you soon. If you are still wondering why we make our code freely available, you should definitely take a look here.

A Support Contract Ensures Our Independence

If you want, you can use Zammad completely free of charge and run it on your own servers. But as you may know, we can also take care of this maintenance work for you if you wish, and keep your helpdesk up-to-date, secure, and high-performance.

We distinguish between two types of support contracts. One is for the Hosted Version (also called "carefree version"), which we run on our servers for you, keep up to date, and assist you with any queries.

The other is aimed at users who have opted for the Self-Hosted Version. There, Zammad runs on your own server and we will gladly take care of support or updates for a fixed price. Both allow you to focus on your strengths, such as user support.

In addition, your monthly contributions also ensure the long-term stability of our project. In return, you can rely on our fail-safe servers, regular updates, and fast help in case of problems with a service agreement. This not only saves IT costs but also lets you sleep peacefully.

Feature Sponsors Wanted

Are you looking for a new function for your helpdesk that is tailored to the needs of your organization? Then you should definitely take on a paid feature sponsorship.

By sponsoring our developer hours (also in shared development) your request will move to the top of the Zammad roadmap. Not a bad deal, is it?

Option 1: Your request becomes a standard feature

With the large and small product versions of Zammad, including major feature updates, we provide you with powerful software that is designed to cover as many use cases and user needs as possible.

If your feature request makes it into the official Zammad canon (and is therefore useful for many other users from other industries), we will take over all future migration work this way and ensure the functionality for all following updates.

Option 2: Your request remains an individual customization

However, if your feature idea is too special to be part of the standard version, we won't leave you out in the rain. If you bear the costs for this, we will be happy to take over the customized development according to your specifications.
This will ensure that your Zammad package fits your needs perfectly. Extensive testing ensures global functionality. And if you like, we will also carry out the customization work for all future product updates.

Although you can add features to your helpdesk at any time on your own thanks to the open code base, an official feature from our company ensures a secure migration to all future versions of Zammad.

Wondering where Zammad is heading next? Then you should check out the open issues in GitHub. They give you a good idea of what we're planning next and what features are likely to become standard features.

Support the Zammad Foundation

By the way, behind Zammad's open-source software is a non-profit organization, which we would like to introduce to you. The Zammad Foundation is dedicated (as are the WordPress or Mozilla Foundations, for example) to ensuring free access to its software projects.

It was a special concern of ours not to bind the authorship of the source code to individual persons or companies. With the Zammad Foundation, we ensure that this independence is maintained for all time.

If you find this goal worthy of support, we would be very happy to have you participate in the project, or even sign a support contract. This will not only ensure the continued existence of Zammad but will also do your organization good. And we are big fans of a win-win relationship at eye level.

Here you will find all the information you need on how we can continue our work thanks to your help and how you can also make a donation.


We continue to develop Zammad in active exchange with our community - and we would be very happy if you would join us soon. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the product in the form of your own or sponsored development work, ensure the independence of the project, and give your support a head start.

  1. Working Together on Code on GitHub
  2. A Support Contract Ensures Our Independence
  3. Feature Sponsors Wanted
  4. Support the Zammad Foundation
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