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Martin Edenhofer

Founder & CEO

"I like about Zammad that it’s a big deal because it's in a market without an elegant and powerful open-source alternative."

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Join the Zammad Support Community

As an open-source project, our smart helpdesk Zammad thrives on the involvement of a vibrant developer community as well as the active participation of its users. Here we show you how you can play a central role in the further development of the project.
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Open Source Explained: Free Software and Its Use in a Business Context

Open-source software is still becoming increasingly popular. Here we explain what distinguishing features are, what advantages and disadvantages it entails, and how Open Source can enrich your organization.
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5 Strong Reasons to Love Open Source (and 1 Not To)

If you compare the pros and cons of Open Source software development, you will quickly realize that the decision for an individual open-source solution pays off in the long run.
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No World Without Open Data - About the Importance of Open Source

The pandemic has taught us many things: among them, the importance of transparent data exchange. On many occasions, Open Source solutions have proven how well transparency, security, and efficiency can be combined. In this post, we take a look at the importance of open data and provide best practice examples for your inspiration.
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Zammad Diary | Martin Edenhofer: Growth, Remote Work, and MacGyver

He is the inventor of both Zammad and OTRS and the brain that drives our software forward. Martin Edenhofer has made a name for himself in the Open Source community. Meet our Founder and CEO in this interview and catch a rare glimpse behind the scenes.
Behind the Scenes

Open Everything: Can the Concept of a Transparent World Work?

No hurdles, no barriers, no borders. The idea of a free world, where everyone has access to all resources, has always been tempting and extends into all aspects of society. However, it is often dismissed as an unattainable dream. Let's have a look at why this notion seems so impossible?
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Steal The Open Source Philosophy From Zammad (that would make us happy)

Take a product that gets better and better from version to version thanks to the collaboration of its own users, add a future-proof business model, focus on the successes of the community - and there you have the perfect open source philosophy. In this article I would like to share the most important components of our DNA with you, so you can apply them yourself right away.
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Manage Smarter With The Four Principles Of An Open World

The big dream of a more open society is digital, free, and unbound. The longing for togetherness without borders is the declared goal of the young generation. This urge extends from jobs to digitalization to politics. The best thing is that the path to a more open world can work! These four principles lead you in the right direction and show how you can benefit from them.
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The Limits Of Open Source: Where Does The Desire For Openness End?

The spheres of open source use are seemingly endless. However, companies and developers should be aware that free programming also has its limits. In order not to exceed them or fall into a trap, we give five thought-provoking suggestions for the work with open source.
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How To Use Open Innovation To Drive Ideas

Simply think bigger, and consider external influences: Open Innovation relies on know-how from outside and helps companies to develop further. Although many brands and companies are reluctant to release the view behind the scenes, the practice has proven that a lot can be gained with impulses from the outside.
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The Significance Of The New "Open By Default" Principle For Municipalities

Open data has the potential to make an immense contribution to the common good. The announcement is now coming from the federal government that municipalities and public authorities should make the raw data they collect available to the general public. We answer the most important questions about Germany's new data culture, what it's good for, and how you can get straight into implementing it.
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Effective Backup: 5 Basics For Contributing To Open Source Projects

For beginners, contributing to open source projects can prove to be a real challenge. How is the code organized and what rules must be followed? How does quality assurance take place and what do you look out for? These five tips will help you to get involved in open source programming.
Open Source

The differences between help desk, ticketing system & co. explained

Do you actually need a ticketing system, a helpdesk, a service desk, a solution desk, or something entirely different? All of these systems share a focus on communication both internally and externally. Someone submits a request – you try to resolve it. However, at their core, they bring a different value proposition that should be considered.
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