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Complex Teams In Zammad? These Features Make It Possible

Do you think your organization is too complex and branched out to work with Zammad? We bet you do, and here we present our pro features for distributed teams and roles that really do justice to any org chart. You don't think so? Go ahead and challenge us.

What this post is about

  • Zammad adapts to your organizational structure
  • Assign users and groups their own roles and tasks
  • Keep track of urgency levels from service level agreements
  • Time tracking allows you to retrospectively evaluate the effort behind all tasks

A ticketing system like Zammad simplifies your support by bundling all your communication channels, such as email inboxes, social media channels and even your phone system, into one clear inbox. That way, no request is ever guaranteed to be overlooked again.

But sometimes this simple basic setup isn't enough to handle the complexity of a business! Therefore, here we show you how you can easily adapt Zammad to your (branched) needs.

Map Your Organizational Structure

Your smart Helpdesk Zammad easily adapts to your organizational structure. For example, use our division into users, groups and companies to map your internal responsibilities in any complexity - including sophisticated rights management according to roles.

Once defined, dedicated filters, conditions and approvals for all of these entities can be set anywhere in the system. This starts with registration via a specific URL in the e-mail address, which can be the basis for assignment to a team.

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Automatic Assignments

Looking for more partial automation? Then link processing status, keywords, individual work steps or urgency levels to concrete agents (that's what we call employees in support) or entire departments. This way, you define responsibilities directly and without long coordination loops.

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Store Customer-Specific Service Level Agreements

Keyword urgency levels: It can be done in much more detail! For example, if you promise external customers specific response times for processing requests in various service agreements and framework contracts (a plus that can earn you good money).

In order not to overlook these important commitments, you can easily enrich your customers in Zammad with the corresponding information - with info on the agreed priority level, business hours, or time zone. When a specified "escalation level" is reached, or even a dependency on another process, the system optionally generates an online notification, sends an email, or changes the responsibility within your organization.

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Keeping An Eye On Time

Are you wondering whether the processing time is actually still within budget - or what the upward and downward swings are? Then the step-by-step time tracking function within Zammad can help. Simply enable the optional function for selected roles or ticket statuses by an administrator.

Once set, Zammad will remind you to track time whenever you want. In the time analysis, you can then view detailed efforts for specific keywords, customers, time periods, and agents.

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More Zammad Power Features

Here on the blog, we've already introduced you to one of our other favorite features for advanced users or the use of reports. With these, you really get everything out of Zammad! Let us inspire you and maybe you will like one or the other feature like text modules, our live chat or even our API so much that you won't want to be without it tomorrow.


Zammad is really simple - unless you need something more complex. In that case, your favorite smart helpdesk can be customized to meet your organization's needs in no time. Be sure to try out our role management, automatic assignments, and escalation levels.

  1. Map Your Organizational Structure
  2. Automatic Assignments
  3. Store Customer-Specific Service Level Agreements
  4. Keeping An Eye On Time
  5. More Zammad Power Features
  6. Summary
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