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Head of Sales and Support

„I like about Zammad that it allows everyone more than "run of the mill" support – no matter if it's a one-man online shop, a city council or an international corporation. Thanks to that it’s never boring for our team and we learn something new every day.“

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Everything You Need to Know About New Work - the Symbiosis Between Life and Work

Everything is different, everything is in motion. The working world is undergoing a fundamental change and narrowminded thinking no longer has a chance. Transformation is the keyword, and it even has a name: New Work.
New Work
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Why Home Office Needs a Clear Framework - for Employers and Employees

Working from home requires more than just the focus and concentration of the employee. Every organization that is open to progress needs to design framework conditions that allow collaboration on a level of trust. Find out how!
New Work
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How to Succeed in Home Office – Productivity, Rituals, and Tools

Remote work needs to be well structured to successfully coordinate employees and projects from a distance. In this guide, we explain the challenges, how to succeed despite them, and how to make home office productive for your organization.
New Work

Why Your Knowledge Base Should Include These Formats

The transfer of knowledge is one of the most powerful levers in organizations. It makes processes more efficient, teams more productive, and helps to achieve even more innovative results. A knowledge base lets you structure the necessary knowledge and makes it accessible. Here we introduce you to the best formats and templates and explain why your knowledge base should include them.
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Helping More Efficiently: How Customer Support Works in 2021

The new year offers the perfect opportunity to give your customer support a makeover. We've analyzed what will matter to brands and customers in 2021 - and we tell you how you can transform your helpdesk into a modern support tool in no time at all. Let's dive right in!

Zammad Diary: Johanna, Head of Sales & Support

Johanna is known for her positivity and enjoys interacting with customers and colleagues. In our Zammad diary, she tells us more about her role and her daily work routine in the permanent home office.
Behind the Scenes

Measuring Customer Service: The KPIs You Need to Keep an Eye On

How can you invest in the sustainable success of your organization with your support? In this article, we show you what strategic course you can set and present the most important KPIs (short for Key Performance Indicators) that you need to keep an eye on for this.
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How to Generate Enthusiasm: 5 Ways to Convince First-Time Customers

No matter what product or service you offer - it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out on the market. Great marketing helps with the acquisition of new customers, but it will no longer excite your prospects. That's why it's more important than ever to foster a strong and close relationship with your customers. Find out five ways to win your new customers' hearts for good.
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5 Ways to Write Support Emails Your Customers Will Love

Good products and appealing marketing attract customers and generate sales. However, loyal customers only stay as long as they are taken seriously. If you don't master your Support, you will face declining revenue and bad reviews. But don't worry - that won't happen to you!

Get Ready for Zammad: How to Easily Set up a Helpdesk

With Zammad, you can manage all your communication channels for correspondence with customers, users, and partners via one interface. This way you'll never lose track of open requests again! Let's look at how to set up your smart support inbox and start responding to requests right away.
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Full of Benefits: 8 Advantages of the Mysterious Zammad Customer Interface

Discover new sides to your Zammad customer interface. As a valuable connection between your organization and your customers, it's the core of all communication. We'll show you how to make the most of it.
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Customer Service Philosophy - Simply Explained

With a dedicated support team, you can fulfill customer requests in seconds. But a team that takes care of the concerns and worries with dedication and heart is only the basis of a holistic customer philosophy. Our guide explains how you can find your own strategy!
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Get The Most Out Of Your Helpdesk With The Zammad Documentation

Did you know that the smart helpdesk Zammad has more than 60 great features to help you with everything from support to knowledge management? In the large Zammad documentation you will find all the descriptions and instructions to set up the interface, as well as all the features, and adapt them perfectly to your needs.

Helpdesk Reporting: Comprehensive Data Analysis With Zammad

Get your support staff data-informed now - with the reporting capabilities in Zammad. Performance analysis allows you to identify large efforts in topics and communication channels and set up your team of agents accordingly. We share the necessary know-how.

10 Good Reasons To Switch Your Helpdesk To Zammad

Support can be tough, but with a smart ticketing system like Zammad, you can make the job much easier. We've distilled our years of customer support experience into a tool that provides you with an overview and automation. Here are 10 reasons why changing to Zammad will be worth it for you.

What To Do About Ticket Overload? Five Tips For Effective Prioritization

Are incoming messages piling up in your service team? Are customers getting impatient because quick questions are simply answered too late? To handle a high volume of tickets more effectively, you can use these five simple tips on how to establish helpful prioritization in your service team.

Benefit & Effort Of A Helpdesk For Your Online Store

Can you be reached via the Internet with your own store and are you looking for a way to finally set up your support in a structured and clear manner? Then you should consider a helpdesk that allows you to bundle communication channels and optimally position yourself for internal and external issues. Here you can read everything you need to know when choosing your tool.

Complex Teams In Zammad? These Features Make It Possible

Do you think your organization is too complex and branched out to work with Zammad? We bet you do, and here we present our pro features for distributed teams and roles that really do justice to any org chart. You don't think so? Go ahead and challenge us.
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The Art of Listening: Collecting and Evaluating Customer Feedback Effectively

Every communication from and with your customers contains valuable feedback from which you can read what is already well received and where there is still room for improvement. Systematically collect these real-time insights and incorporate them into product development on an ongoing basis. With such a customer-oriented culture, you make your company future-proof in the long run.
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