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10 Good Reasons To Switch Your Helpdesk To Zammad

Support can be tough, but with a smart ticketing system like Zammad, you can make the job much easier. We've distilled our years of customer support experience into a tool that provides you with an overview and automation. Here are 10 reasons why changing to Zammad will be worth it for you.

What this post is about

  • Our best-selling feature: a free help desk for everyone
  • Immediate access to existing data with the Migration Wizard
  • Easy use with all ticketing functions
  • Expandable for professionals

Zammad is not just another help desk. To prove it, we've gathered ten good reasons that set us apart from Jira, OTRS, Zendesk, and others. Are you ready to optimize your support and take it to the next level in 2023?

1. Zammad Is Free

We probably shouldn't shout this too loud (since we do need to make some money to keep it running), but your smart help desk, Zammad, won't cost you a dime.

As open-source developers, we make our tool available to everyone who is looking for a powerful ticketing system and wants to host it themselves. Why do we do this? Find out at number 10 in this list.

2. Rich With Out-Of-The-Box Features

Zammad already includes all the functions you need, to keep track of internal and external support right out of the box. For example, you and your team of agents can assign and process incoming requests together. No matter what channel they came through! You can handle emails, phone calls, and even social media at a central location. Or you can search for solutions in your own knowledge database.

More core features you'll love:

  • Live dashboard
  • Processing warnings for conflicts
  • Customer and organization profiles
  • Business hours
  • Reporting
  • Diverse integrations

Here's a comprehensive overview of all our features.

3. Completely Open Source

You're probably familiar with computer programs and online tools as closed systems that only the provider has access to. You can only use what the tool's interface makes accessible. With Zammad, it's different! We've fully embraced the open-source concept.

Our code is open and accessible to everyone. This provides maximum transparency and at the same time increases the security and stability of the development. What's looked at by many eyes and enriched with ideas, runs smoothly and is always at the top of innovation.

4. Complete Freedom For You

Another advantage of open software development for you: Easily expand Zammad yourself! Quickly tailor the helpdesk to the needs of your agents, organization, and customers by writing your own integrations or enabling real-time data exchange with your existing tech setup with our robust REST API.

What other software allows you this flexibility? Speaking of other helpdesks...

5. Better Than The Competition

We don't shy away from comparing to the competition because Zammad is often the better, more user-friendly, and significantly more streamlined alternative.

Are you already using one of the following closed helpdesks? Then compare the differences to Zammad in our detailed overview:

6. Easy Switching

The best part: switching doesn't have to be complicated. Regardless of which helpdesk you want to transfer your archive to Zammad, we make it possible with a few clicks to import existing customer data, groups, tickets, and open processes.

Sign up now for our free migration webinar to see this process for yourself and walk through it exemplarily. In this free webinar, we show you step-by-step how to move your data from Freshdesk, Kayako, OTRS, and more to Zammad. Find upcoming dates here.

7. Switching Made Even Easier

Or let us help you with the data move! Thanks to test migration and quality assurance, we ensure that no knowledge is lost during the switch and you can continue right where you stopped.

Book our migration support package before installing your helpdesk if you choose the free, self-hosted version of Zammad as a non-subscriber.

Tip: For all hosted customers, the moving service is already included (in all plans and price levels).

8. Privacy Made In Germany

With Zammad, you are choosing a GDPR-compliant helpdesk that places a great emphasis on privacy and security. With servers from Germany in an ISO27001-certified data center, SSL-encrypted messages, a sophisticated authorization system, and legally compliant data collection, we allow you to communicate without risk. Always.

9. More Professional Features

In addition to item 2 on this list, Zammad gives you access to various professional features that will give your company a real advantage in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Some of these exclusive features are:

  • Text blocks and individual fields
  • Multilingualism
  • Ticket templates, triggers, and scheduler
  • Ticket assignment from escalation levels
  • Single sign-on
  • LDAP integration for your existing authentication system

10. For An Open World

We believe in open systems, that allow the exchange of knowledge. That's why your decision for Zammad is also a sign of sustainable business, where we dismantle data silos, act as resource-saving as possible, and share innovations to protect and strengthen entire ecosystems. Nature and technology go hand in hand. Discover more perspectives on the open-source topic in our blog.

Bonus: 11. Our All-in-One Carefree Promise

If you are unable or do not want to take care of installation, operation, or (security) updates, we are also available as a competent partner with a cloud version of our help desk.

In this all-inclusive package, we take care of all matters related to the permanent availability of your help desk starting at €5 per month, as well as the ongoing development and immediate availability of new features.


Zammad is not an anonymous tech conglomerate from overseas. We are a team with a passion for helpdesks and open-source development that operates in Germany and Europe. And as such, we are always accessible to you and tirelessly working!

Try our ticketing system for free and without obligation for 30 days and decide for yourself if our tool makes a real difference in support. We believe it does.

  1. 1. Zammad Is Free
  2. 2. Rich With Out-Of-The-Box Features
  3. 3. Completely Open Source
  4. 4. Complete Freedom For You
  5. 5. Better Than The Competition
  6. 6. Easy Switching
  7. 7. Switching Made Even Easier
  8. 8. Privacy Made In Germany
  9. 9. More Professional Features
  10. 10. For An Open World
  11. Bonus: 11. Our All-in-One Carefree Promise
  12. Summary
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