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Full of Benefits: 8 Advantages of the Mysterious Zammad Customer Interface

Discover new sides to your Zammad customer interface. As a valuable connection between your organization and your customers, it's the core of all communication. We'll show you how to make the most of it.

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What this post is about

  • The mysterious customer interface houses all your communication channels, which enables fast processing
  • Live updates keep everything up to speed and avoid duplicate edits
  • The ticket history collects past correspondences, which can be found quickly with full text search
  • The right contact person is found quickly - and the Knowledge Base also offers numerous answers
  • The customer interface ensures transparency, efficiency, and happy customers

Your Zammad helpdesk can do more than you think: With the customer interface, you can create a universal point of contact for support requests and give your customers a better overview of their open and processed tickets. It includes all the features your agents already benefit from (like a quick search, attributes, and attachments). Let's look at how it allows for an (even) better communication between your organization and your customers.

What is the Customer Interface?

The Zammad Customer Interface is Zammad's web interface. It's where your customers (or employees, depending on your use case) can log in, contact your support, and view the current status of their request.
Through a sophisticated rights system, customers have full access to all the tickets that concern them and that can be processed by them. Depending on the settings, users can then view their own conversations - or even the tickets of other members (exciting for transparent organizations, as you'll see in benefit no. 5: No duplicate requests).

Eight Benefits of the Zammad Customer Interface

1. Main Communication Channel

Regardless of whether users contact you via email, SMS, or live chat: All messages arrive in the customer interface. As a central communication repository, it is always supplied with updates via all other channels.
Through a quick login, users get instant access to all open and closed tickets for communication with your support. By the way, it also includes the option to write additional notes, e.g. from telephone conversations. All in one clear interface.

2. Faster Processing Through Attributes

You probably already know that you can add attributes to tickets in Zammad, such as request type, processing status, or due date. But did you also know that you can use them to ask customers for more specific information when creating a ticket?
Name an attribute, such as "item" or "customer number", and set the field as a mandatory element. This saves queries from the agent and allows you to answer requests even more specifically and quickly - which will also please your customers.

3. Real-time Updates

The same way a live chat is constantly updated, so is the customer interface. As soon as a new message is sent by the user or agent, it appears on the other person's display.
An exchange like a personal conversation is possible, as long as both are logged into the interface and access the ticket at the same time (... and as long as the internet connection doesn't play a trick on you). No other channel provides such speed and overview.

4. Access to Solved Tickets

As indicated at the beginning, open organizations can also make the Zammad customer interface freely accessible to other users and employees of the respective customer.
In this case, they can access all previously solved tickets by means of search and general overviews, and thus see, for example, whether their request has already been answered earlier.
For data protection reasons, you can of course disable this - then users only see their own tickets to which they are assigned as a customer.

5. No Duplicate Requests

Customers can also view requests that are already or still being processed. This way you can signal that you are on it, preventing additional messages asking for updates and relieving your Support team. However, before using this feature, make sure that your customer agrees. In the end, it's beneficial for both sides, because having to answer the same query over and over again is neither in your interest nor in the interest of your customers.

6. Always the Right Contact Person

Everyone knows this problem from their own everyday life: Who is the right contact person for your problem again? You can use the customer interface to ensure that your users no longer have to worry about this.
By placing a simple selection field in the customer interface, your customers can choose themselves which department an inquiry should go to, or what kind of topic it is. This is often enough to automatically assign the ticket to the corresponding team.
Such a pre-filter significantly shortens the waiting time, as each ticket reaches its correct agent completely automatically.

7. Exclusive Zammad Features for Customers

As a ticket agent in Zammad, you're used to managing multiple conversations at once. And thanks to Zammad's Autosave feature, none of your changes are lost. These smart tools are also available to your users via the customer interface.
After all, it is not uncommon for them to contact your support team with not just one, but a whole series of queries. The customer interface enables structured processing.
And don't forget: All your own tickets - including all attachments - can also be searched for at any time and retrieved within seconds.

8. The Knowledge Base is Just a Click Away

When designing the customer interface, we made sure that your users can always navigate directly to your Knowledge Base when they have a query.
Here, they can search through existing explanatory texts, guides, and checklists. With a good knowledge base, your customers can often solve their problem or question completely on their own, thus relieving your Support team of some of the workload.
After all, it's a well-known fact that the fastest ticket is always the one that didn't have to be created in the first place. With Zammad, you can get closer to this goal!


With Zammad's customer interface, you can offer your customers a solution that brings many advantages. As a central communication channel, the web interface contains all open and closed requests and can be made available to individual users (or to the entire organization). From filters for assigning agents to targeted information retrieval, the tool takes over essential steps for you, thanks to which you can process tickets even more efficiently.

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