Core Workflows for your routine

Zammad 5.0:
Adjust Your Helpdesk to Your Use Case

With the new version 5.0, Plus plan users can look forward to Core Workflows - and the option to create screens depending on your processes. This way you can optimize Zammad for your individual use case and adjust it to your routine.

What do you need it for?

Use Cases for Zammad Core Workflows

The Core Workflows allow you to adapt screens such as the ticket masks based on your teams, projects, or cases. This includes the following options:

How much do you want to see?

View and hide fields

With the Core Workflows you can define which fields should be part of your screens. You can choose this depending on the team, group, process, etc.

Do what you gotta do

Create mandatory fields

In some situations, certain information is essential. That's why the Core Workflows allow you to define fields as mandatory parts of a screen.

Limit the choices

Pre-define selections

Sometimes, not every answer is the right one. Reason enough for the Core Workflows to accommodate this: When creating your screens, you can now choose which information can be entered in which field.

One thing leads to another

Create dependencies

You can also define that certain properties only take effect when others conditions are met.
Example: If field A is filled in, field B becomes mandatory.

You can find more information on Core Workflows on the corresponding feature page.

More about Core Workflows

Insights from our Users

This is what our Beta Testers say

Some of our users kindly offered to test the Core Workflows ahead of the release. They tried the feature in a wide variety of industries and use cases. Here is their feedback.

We were really excited about the feature! We have many different departments using the ticketing system, such as Maintenance, HR, Administration, and IT. That’s why the Core Workflows are perfect for us, because now we can adapt the screens to the needs of the teams. This works really well and we are super satisfied. The feature has definitely turned out really cool and I'm looking forward to working with it.

Devin Klein, City of Neuwied

I’m really excited about the Core Workflows. We have different departments with different requirements for the ticket structure and fields, and the Core Workflows are perfect for that. I find the new feature very intuitive and was able to design a few forms right away. Everything has worked as it should and so far hits exactly what we need. We're very curious to test other possible applications.

Mike Ebert, RSB Bank

We use Zammad as a communication platform for all departments. Until now, we could only make the individual objects available to all departments and could not respond to individual requirements. Thanks to the new Core Workflows, we can provide each department with an individual ticket mask without having to forego the advantages of the common system.

Marc Steinbach, Nouvelle Solution GmbH
What else does this release bring you?

Discover further features
of Zammad 5.0

While Core Workflows are the main novelty of this release, it also brings other features: a Messagebird integration, an improved Jira integration, and inclusive language.

Curious? All the details can be found in the Release Notes – this way, please:

View Release Notes

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