Meaningful reporting is important - and helpful! That's why it's possible to connect Zammad with Kibana and thus display your Zammad data via the reporting tool in a visually pleasant, simple, and understandable way. This way, you can recognize changes immediately and react in time.

The reporting tool Kibana is all about data evaluation. The open-source platform was developed by Elastic and allows you to visualize and analyze your data. The system works browser-based and uses your data from Elasticsearch.

Since Zammad also works with Elasticsearch, there is the possibility to connect your Zammad instance with your Kibana, allowing you to map data from your ticketing system into your reporting tool. This is a great and versatile addition to Zammad's own internal reporting.

Alle Informationen zum Setup finden Sie in Kürze in unserer Dokumentation. Der Link wird hier geteilt.

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