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Heads up, developers: if waiting for an official release isn’t your style, you can try SMS notifications today. How? Simple — just install the stable-sms branch of off of Github and off you go! 🚀

What do you get with stable-sms? Exactly what you’d expect: The current stable release with the added power of SMS updates.

When will stable-sms become stable? That’s the spirit! Take it for a test drive and let us know what you think on the Community Board. We’ll use your feedback to fine-tune things, and you’ll see it in an official release the moment it’s rock-solid and ready to roll ⚽ (in production, that is).

Why this interim release? The email, DNS/DNSSEC, and IT security experts over at sys4 didn’t want to wait, either. Marc Schiffbauer and his team replaced OTRS with Zammad as their chosen helpdesk solution earlier this year, which was welcome news for us. 😊

But SMS updates were a make-or-break feature for sys4 — without them, the switch simply wouldn’t have been possible. From our very first talks about it, it was clear that we would take it one step further and bundle this functionality as a standard feature of Zammad. No porting costs for sys4, SMS for everyone, and all in a sustainable way! It’s a win-win (-win). 🙌

So sys4 stepped up to the plate, sponsored the feature, and entrusted us to build it. And we love building stuff that makes our customers happy, so we were truly over the moon and so grateful for their generosity. 😍 Big ups to Marc Schiffbauer!

And now it’s arrived! Every agent at sys4 (and at your company) can now stay up-to-date on important tickets, in the office, on the road or at night, whether they’re on Android, iOS, or a Nokia 3310.

A note on compatibility: supporting each and every SMS provider out there is hard. It was important to sys4 and us that Zammad remain open and that your choice of providers not be restricted in any way. So how did we approach this problem? Zammad’s SMS dispatch is built around adapter modules to bridge Zammad’s API and that of any given SMS provider. Adapters for Massenversand and Twilio come bundled in Zammad by default — two major providers is twice as nice. ✌️

Want to use another provider? Not afraid to get your hands dirty with a little code? Here’s the commit that shows you how. We’re eager to see your Pull Requests!

More questions? Head over to our Community Board — we bet someone else has them, too.

Can’t program but still want to set up SMS notifications through your favorite provider? No problem; we’re happy to take on the task as part of the support service we provide to our paid customers.