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We've been recently asked a lot about the date of the next Zammad release and our plans. We want to answer some of these questions.

Why aren't there any news or updates?

We underestimated the public perception. If you follow us on Github then you know that we're very busy fixing bugs and adding new features. Somehow we missed to inform you about this in a more "official" way.

When will the next Zammad version be released? What about the monthly releases?

Monthly release are not possible anymore because of the massive feedback we get. We got so many feature requests and bug reports that we cannot put all of those into a single new release. This is due to our release management and not so much a matter of our resources.

What we can say

We're planning to release Zammad version 2.0 in August because ((Update 8/31/2017: Zammad 2.0 Countdown)) of many improvements and new features.

You can follow the progress here.

We'll also take our time to deliver a very stable release. In the meantime, critical bug fixes will be distributed with our packages so that you get updates without an official release. Please use the package manager of your distribution.

You can find more information about this here.

With version 2.0 we will change our release management and we will also try to switch back to monthly releases.

What are you working on right now?

As some of you might know, we're a small self-funded team. We're not playing table soccer in a fancy loft office in Berlin. So, if you see something that bugs you, just let us know.


Please help us fix bugs or improve the documentation.

We're trying to address every bug report and feature request. But please keep in mind that it might take a little longer, even if it seems to be something small. Help is very much appreciated.


If you need need help, please send an email to and we'll find a way. We cannot answer every support request for free. Especially self-hosted instances cannot be taken care of for free.

Feature sponsorship

If you would like to see a feature to be implemented, please open an issue on Github and try to convince other users to get together and maybe finance it. Some interesting features have already been implemented in this way.

Your Zammad-Team!