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If someone had asked us a year ago where we are going to stand today, we would not have thought it possible that Zammad is already so widespread with such enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Nevertheless,"if we could do what we wanted to do,"we would have gone further today (instead of the reference to possible new Zammad team members). But we think it speaks for us that we are full of innovation and ideas and want to maintain a high level of quality.

Our next release is Zammad 2.0 (Enterprise ready) which has been developed with a special focus on the use in medium-sized and larger companies.


We will release Zammad 2.0 in September as stable (beta testers are invited from today).

We are looking forward to having reached the next milestone with you.

PS: After the Zammad 2.0 release we return to our four-week release cycle.

Your Zammad team!