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Built to perform

Easy data historization

Zammad is auditable. That’s the reason it is often used in banks. Via the ticket history it’s possible to reconstruct at any time who changed which attribute to which value.


Would you like to ensure your clients an individual escalation or solution time limit? Zammad will help you to adhere to your agreements and their evaluation

Individual fields

With Zammad you can easily create individual fields like a desired deadline. And here’s the kicker: It doesn’t only work for tickets, but also for clients and organizations.

Immediate changes

The change of objects is reported immediately in the application. The advantage? Double editing is impossible and your colleagues are always provided with the newest information.

Your own overview

Create individual overviews – especially for your different teams. The admin is able to define numbers, names, columns, attributes and authorizations.


It’s worth to be quick: Customer requests can be solved seven times faster via our chat than via email.


The Zammad API helps you to integrate your telephone system into in- and outgoing calls. Clients are picked and shown via their telephone number and outgoing calls can be initialized by click.


The Zammad Web-App supports nine languages. You only have to choose the preferred language for your user interface.


Individual guys need individual styles. That’s why clients and agents are able to change the look of Zammad according to their wishes and give the user interface their own personality.


Zammad supports multitasking: Your agents are up to open and edit several documents (tickets, user, organization) at once without switching between browser windows.


No need to be scared of closing without saving. The current progress is being saved automatically and work can be continued on other devices.


Text modules

Zammad is comfortable: With the aid of our flexible text modules, customer requests can be solved more efficiently.

Permanent marking

Permanent marking

You wish to mark important sections for the whole team? Zammad supports the permanent marking of important sections in order to provide indication for your colleagues.

Full-text search

Looking for the needle in a haystack? No problem with Zammad. Our full-text search doesn’t only browse tickets but also their attachments. And this with full power: The search within 40 GB of data for example takes only up to three seconds.


Play it safe with Zammad: We support different guidelines for keywords, device-logging and two-factor-authentication.

Twitter integration

The world’s talking about you? We guarantee your attention. You can answer immediately via status updates or message.

Customer interface

Customers are able to track the current editing at any time via the customer interface and can provide further information easily.


Zammad shows you who’s important. Via the VIP-feature important clients can be “marked” and will be presented marked in the interface.

External authentication

Zammad is up to date. It’s possible to log in via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google via OAuth.

Zammad migrator

Moving without missing data? It’s easy: By moving to Zammad you can migrate your previous data straightforwardly. Use the Zammad migrator and migrate from OTRS or Zendesk to Zammad.

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