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In Ancient Greek theatre, actors switched between roles by putting on different masks. Our easy-to-use role management system ensures things don’t turn into a tragedy. Back then, something like this would have sounded like science fiction. For some of our competitors it still does :)

– Martin Edenhofer, Zammad Founder

The new role management system

Previously, Zammad only had three roles: customer, agent and admin. That’s good enough for start-ups (where everyone does admin) and small teams with flat hierarchies. The new role management function allows you to define as many roles as you like. From mini-admin, for users who can manage shortcuts for instance, to agents who can access pre-sales and other areas from time to time.

Zammad Enterprise supports LDAP synchronisation, which simplifies role management for large businesses. It also avoids redundant changes to roles via centralised group management on the company’s LDAP server.

How it works

Open your Zammad settings and go to role management. You will see a configuration tool where you can create your own roles. You can also synchronise your LDAP connection and matching between groups and roles in Settings.

Lost the plot?

In Ancient Greece, a visit to the theatre could purge the soul. That’s called catharsis. It has more to do with sweat and tears than clean eating or “forest bathing”. But we all have a taste for the dramatic, don’t we? Which is why the uncrowned king of our enterprise release is the phenomenal William Shatner. Shoulder roll!

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You can download the Zammad Enterprise Release for free on and install it on your own server. Or you can rent Zammad ready to use – more on By the way: if you switch from Zendesk or OTRS use our integrated Zammad migration assistant.

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